Traditional Boarding Schools in Europe (not UK)


Hi, do you have recommendations for good Traditional Catholic Boarding Schools in Europe (not in UK)? Thanks!


My recommendation: Keep your children near to you.


Normally each country has a “catholic annular” which lists all schools, institutions, parishes, everything.

You can find the full list there. Then by geographic are you can narrow it down. In a given city you won’t have that many options.


This is the first one Google turned up. Perhaps look for others in the same way


I’d advise against it, especially for younger children (I know the UK boarding schools can start unbelievably young). I went to boarding school and had an awful experience on multiple levels. I still haven’t fully recovered in terms of mental health and I graduated almost a decade ago.


I know two adults who went to different boarding schools and they have eerily similar social awkwardness. They both strongly believe they are “ahead of time” and it’s the inability of the world to accept their exceptional brilliance that keeps them from holding down a job. Also, both of them suffered sexual abuse from other students while they were there. Granted, that isn’t an enormous pool to survey, but it’s enough for me to discourage boarding schools.


I don’t have any delusions of grandeur, but my assault and abusive relationship happened at boarding school and I know there were others who were assaulted.


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