Traditional Catholic Books and Websites?

What are some good traditional Catholic books and websites that you all would recommend? I feel more drawn to Traditional Catholicism (or maybe just correctly practiced Catholicism may be more accurate :slight_smile: I don’t mind the Novus Ordo when it is done correctly, as I’ve been attending daily Mass periodically at two great churches in DC (Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception)). The National Shrine has a nice bookstore, and there is also the Catholic Information Center (run by Opus Dei) in downtown DC, so I’m looking to buy a book or two that goes over Traditional Catholicism, beliefs, practice, etc. I already have the Catechism and a New Saint Joseph’s Prayer Book (not really traditional I assume).

Any help would be great!

Anything that is published by Ignatius Press.

Baronius Press is anothr good one.

TAN can be good–but exercise caution. Sometimes they go in for what one writer called “National Enquirer” sort of spirituality.

Fisheaters is FULL of well presented material that covers about anything you’d want to know about traditional Catholicism. In my opinion it’s the single best and easiest site to navigate for quick references on all things traditional. There’s nothing wrong or unorthodox about the site, even if there are differences of opinion in their forum. Just remember that forum members don’t necessarily represent the views of Fisheaters in the exact way that forum members here don’t necessarily represent the views of Catholic Answers (a distinction that some people simply couldn’t get their minds around in the Fisheaters thread here at CAF a few weeks ago). Just check it out for yourself and start soakin’ in all the awesomeness. BTW, I found that site and loved it before I was ever a traditional Catholic.

Angelus Press, and the others mentioned above. Watch out for the binding on paper-back books from TAN…very easy to crack/crease the spine of the book.

Lowest prices on the net from a non profit org. Check out their sample pack full of good Catholic reading. :slight_smile:

Tan Books.

Traditionalism is delicious.

Angelus + TAN + FishEaters = Greatness

That book is truly the best. I am reading it now, and it covers EVERYTHING so well.

It’s not dumbed-down, nor is it higher-level theology (for doctoral students, or something). It’s the perfect guide for anyone looking to learn about Catholicism.

I miss OLRL offering a lot of St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori’s books for cost, their non-for-profit offering of those books added essential works I could not find elsewhere to my library – priceless truly.

Now of course, one can find them online, but for quite awhile – it was hard to find his stuff, and to find it affordably. And it’s still wonderful to have them in paperback.

Here are some blogs I enjoy:

It’s my understanding that Angelus is a schismatic press, so I do not like to patronize them.

I am not going to criticize TAN, but their options are limited, and often are reprints of very old translations that can be clunky.

I like Ignatius because you can be sure of the orthodoxy of what they publish, but it’s also intellectually engaging, well-produced, etc.

Angelus is not a schismatic book house.

It is associated with the SSPX, and they are not schismatic. They are not fully “regular” with the Church, but we’ve have Cardinals say they are not schismatic, and that they are an internal matter for the Church.

You can buy books from them just like you would any other book store.

I was told that a few ebay sellers gobbled them up to sell them at a profit. That may be why OLRL now has a 1 per customer policy on a few of the books.

I was fortunate to pick up the 5 volumes of St Alphonsus’s works I wanted before they ran out. I still need to grab The Glories of Mary, and when I find them, The Holy Mass, and the Holy Eucharist.

This is ridiculous! Have you seen what they publish? Do their books advocate schism (or heresy)? As a matter of fact, why don’t you simply compare what they put out compared with what most mainstream Catholic presses put out, and you’ll realize where the truly good fruits (solid spiritual direction etc) are coming from. Relax, will ya?

Also, they’re affiliated with the SSPX, which is in no ways a ‘schismatic sect’. High level Catholic clergy in Rome have admitted this for a long time…When will the faithful get wise?

Books can be evaluated on their own terms, yes. Much of what they produce is good old fashioned Catholic stuff, yes. But some of it is also stuff advocating the Society’s at least-until-recently schismatic positions. The leadership of the SSPX is no longer formally excommunicated as they had been for the past twenty years, true. But people who participate in a culture of disobedience to the papacy and persist in this obstinacy, no matter what “high level clergy in Rome” might say (whose personal opinions, whatever they might be on the subject, are pretty irrelevant to any such discussion), are acting outside the Church.

Irrelevant? I wouldn’t call what the head of the PCED (Cardinal Hoyos) and the secretary of the PCED (Msgr. Perle) have to say on the matter irrelevant.

Personally, I love Tradition in Action.

Here is a link to their books page:

and their main page:

Angelus Press, TAN and Ignatius are all good as others point out.

Roman Catholic Books is also excellent. A lot of good and really unusual, hard-to-find reprints. My favorite is Catholic Church’s official teachings on occult phenomena.

Eve, no offense to you personally, but I would warn CFers against Tradition in Action. There’s more criticism of the pope on there, and more schismatic tendencies. There’s at least some good information I’ve seen there, but it’s spoiled by the angry criticism of legitimate Church authority.

I think we have already had this discussion in another forum on TIA and SSPX.

Yes, I know the criticisms.
Yes, I think they can be little ecessive in their criticisms.
Yes, I know the TIA leadership personally.
amd No, they are not schismatics, and actually, if you read their literature enough, you will see they are actually rather moderate in some areas.

Oh, and no, I am not offended, thank you. :p;)

Those on here paraphrasing these various statements are doing so misleadingly. The PCED has stated officially that the SSPX has not been declared as a society to be in formal schism, but this does not mean that they are not schismatic. The group’s very existence has been disobedient from the beginning, and the Roman clergy cited on the subject have said that attending SSPX chapels puts one in danger of cultivating “schismatic tendencies.” Enough said.

Let’s not split hairs here - where Peter is, there is the Church. Roma locuta est. Disobedience to the papacy in any matter of faith and morals has never been acceptable, and to persist in excusing such behavior is really beyond the pale.

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