Traditional Catholic Community near Los Angeles AFB

We are an active duty USAF family and there’s a potential we may have to move to the Los Angeles area (El Segundo). Are there any good traditional catholic communities in that area? For reference, we currently attend a church in VA that is very traditional. The priests frequently give homilies on the sanctity of life (pro-life), which we like a lot. The community is large, but the families are generally close. They have a Latin mass, but we attend ordinary form mass (even weekday mass several times per week). There’s also a large, active, home school community. We have one of the priests over to our house for dinner pretty much every month. Is there a church like this somewhere near LA AFB? Thank you!

Check out St. Anthony Catholic Church in El Segundo (I’ve posted the link to their website above). The pastor there sounds like the kind you are hoping to find.

There is also Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Wilmington, which would be a longer drive from El Segundo, but people make that drive from all over the South Bay since the Norberine Fathers there are also very traditional.

Of course, during this time of coronavirus, our churches are still closed here, but God willing, that won’t last for too much longer.

It might be a drive, but St. Vitus in San Fernando offers the TLM exclusively.

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