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Whilst this may be more relevant in the Scripture sub-forum, I thought I would drop this here as it is likely to get more views. Lapides commentary on the Gospels has just been translated into English. For a few centuries this was the standard Biblical Commentary in Catholic Universities and Seminaries- and then we stopped teaching Latin as mandatory. It has however now been translated into English! Sink your teeth into it my fellow Catholics :wink:


Online edition for only $40.00. Not a bad deal.


Or free version here:

Cornelius a Lapide is my go-to source for exegesis. If I am in doubt or confused by a passage, I go here. If someone argues with me about the proper interpretation of a passage, I go here. Etc.


“First then SS. Cyril and Austin learnedly expound these words, thus:”

…who are Saints Cyril and Austin?


I was reading this, too. :stuck_out_tongue: I did a Google search of them and turned out nothing, I am quite intrigued, too.


St Cyril is St Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem. He is best known for his Catechetical Lectures. He died in 386.

Austin is short for Augustine. St Austin is St Augustine, bishop of Hippo. He was an extremely prolific writer, perhaps best known for his Confessions. He died in 430.


Free or not, that site is very hostile to the Second Vatican Council and the Mass in Ordinary Form.


Correction…Actually this is true of only some references to St Cyril. In many other cases, St Cyril refers to St Cyril of Alexandria. He wrote a commentary on the Gospel of John, among other things. He died in 444.

Here’s a link to St Cyril of Jerusalem’s Catechetical Lectures.

Here’s a link to St Cyril of Alexandria’s Commentary on the Gospel of John.


Lapide’s Gospel commentaries have been in English for a long time, though his other commentaries are in bad need of being translated. Lapide is as good as you can possibly get! Here is a link to a resources that has all of Lapide’s commentaries that are available in English, as well as lots of other traditional Catholic commentaries on Scripture


Proceeds from purchases of the Gospel commentaries go to the translation of the other volumes. Also whilst the Gospel commentaries have been previously translated; the versions that exist now are OCR reprints of unfortunate quality, which are also incomplete as the translations missed parts of the work. From my research this is the first complete translation into English, which also hasn’t been through OCR but is a complete retranslation (due to issues with the previous translation).


Ok I see. That is very good news that there is an organized attempt to translate Lapide’s commentaries because they are one of the best. Are you affiliated with this by any chance? Im heading up a project of some Greek and Latin translations of Medieval commentaries.


No unfortunately not. I’m not fluent in Latin enough to offer any services. I am however alerting my University professors to it, and I know a couple of them are offering their services to the Aquinas Institutes Opera Omnia project, and to this project :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just noticed you are looking for translators; even if they are beginners. I will alert a friend of mine to the project as he may have enough Latin to be competent enough to at least lend a hand. I’ll alert him to it now, and hopefully he’ll be in contact in the coming days.


Thanks, I appreciate that. I have been blessed enough to have a professional Greek and Latin translator to make it possible to publish professional translations. For those who can translate at an amateur level, I am thrilled as well to have any of the Glossa Ordinaria translated for unpublished versions for online free use.


By the way, I just checked out the Loreto Publishing and I am extremely impressed with what I see! I am grateful that you have posted this thread.


It’s going to cost me around £180 to import both books that I am after; the Lapides Commentary and their hardback Douay Rheims Bible. To help fund the translation of the Lapides Commentary though, I feel that’s a pittance!


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