Traditional Catholic Hymns.


 I am looking for a YouTube source for REAL, Traditional Catholic HYMNS.................................................................................................................................

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Have you looked into the “Adoremus Hymnal”? It’s available through EWTN.

Pax Christi!

I love Holy God, We Praise Thy Name! Is it Catholic?

Hey: “Be swift my soul to answer Him/ be jubilant my feet” happens to be good writing, even if not in Latin!
Where stand you on Sing Of The Lord’s Goodness"? It’s the kind of recessional hymn I want in my head after Mass!

God bless.

Try this site; “Lourdes Hymn” and my favorite, “Hail Redeemer King Divine” :slight_smile:

Why limit yourself to English-language hymns? There are plenty of very beautiful hymns Latin hymns, some even of fairly modern composition. Some of my favorite are Palestrina’s Sicut Cervus, Casciolini’s arrangement of Panis Angelicus, Franz Biebl’s Ave Maria, and Paul Mealor’s Ubi Caritas (which debuted at the Royal Wedding just a few years ago).

I do. Every Sunday, at an Ordinary Form Mass, at an abbey that uses it every day of the week.

I also am a chorister in a schola. We sing Gregorian chant at parish Masses monthly, at special occasions, and for funerals.

They are not easy to find, but worth it if you do…
Maybe look for some here.

The WLP Choir have wonderful hymns. I have one of their Catholic Treasures on my iPod.

Does anyone know of a streaming internet radio station that plays Catholic hymns (to access through the TuneIn app)?

Interestingly enough this one hymn you mention under the token of “real, traditional Catholic” is actually Anglican.

Petrus Josephus channel on YouTube. He has uploaded some very good Gregorian Chants. Just don’t dig around too much into the website that he created and which is linked on his page- he doesn’t even include the Second Vatican Council in his list of ecumenical councils of the Church. Otherwise, though, his videos of traditional Catholic hymns are very nice! :smiley:

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:

O Mary of Graces

O Mary of graces and mother of God
May I tread in the paths that the righteous have trod
And mayest thou save me from evil’s control
And mayest thou save me in body and soul.

And mayest thou save me by land and by sea
And mayest thou save me from tortures to be
May the guard of the angels around me abide
May God be before me and God at my side.

O Mary of graces, oh answer my plea
Under crosses in trials, to thee do I flee
O teach me sweet mother to follow His will
To journey with courage up Calvery’s hill

O Mary my mother and mother of all
Be my guide and protectress that I may not fall
And mayest thou lead me to heaven above
With saints and angels I’ll share in thy love

May a smile of thy mercy from heaven come down
When my heart would leave thee and cleave to the ground
And when this poor body returns to its sod
May thy loving arms bear my soul to its God.

O Mary of Graces: sung by the Daughters of Mary

Another youtube link; many HERE.
Not sure if they are ‘traditional’ or not…
Odd but they are recorded at Mass.
Is this permitted?

I like these Cat Chat kid’s songs…catchy, orthodox, and educational.
Home page sample listen HERE.
MP3’s (& samples) available HERE.

How do we define “traditional”? Certainly chant is traditional in the true sense of the word. Many “traditional” hymns, on the other hand, are quite new if one considers the broader picture of Church history. In fact, if memory serves, hymns weren’t introduced into the mass until quite recently - perhaps the 19th century. The mass is meant to be sung, but it is the antiphons and other propers of the mass that hold primacy, not devotional hymns. I would be overjoyed if the average parish tossed out its hymnals and started chanting the antiphons instead.

I love this hymn too! :slight_smile:

I think it was indeed written, as a type of paraphrase of Te Deum, by a German Catholic priest in the 1770’s, but it’s also sung sometimes in Protestant churches.

Love the May hymns to Mary ‘oh Mary we crown thee’. Hail Queen of Heaven. And Soul of my Saviour. God Bless our Pope, Faith of our Fathers, Hail Glorious St Patrick, and Salve Regina

A good playlist of traditional Catholic music

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