Traditional Catholic Monks of Papa Stronsay, Scotland


I absolutely love this video!

Are these Monks associated with SSPX? And if so, are they in schism as well?

Thanks for that! What a fantastic video. To see an agnostic touched deeply by those Godly men is really gratifying. He was choked up in receiving the Rosary as a gift. :slight_smile:

I think they may be associated w/ SSPX sadly…:frowning:

Really they do seem like good people, however I don’t support them ignoring their bishops.


P.s. concerning the comment about being able to pray w/ someone from the past - it may be true, but it just depends on how far in the past. I mean what language did those Celtic Christian Hermits pray in?

It appears that they are redemptorist

Yes, Redemptorists associated with SSPX.

They are a huge pain in the keister to Catholics and Orthodox alike. If you are a dedicated Papist, you should probably not associate with these fellows.

If you are already SSPX, you are in clover!

How are they a pain in the “keister” for Orthodox? :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:


Why do we need to find ways to discredit the video? The canonical status of the SSPX is an internal matter for the Church. I suggest we don’t try to interfere. The point of the video was to show how the TLM and the monastic life surrounding it can affect an agnostic who had never been touched that way before. [Edited by Moderator]

This program was on British television several years ago and was uplifting :smiley: I hope one day soon these men will be in full communion with Rome.:thumbsup:

Yes–it was very inspirational. They lit a spark in the man’s heart. Maybe that spark will turn into the light of our Lord.

Well, maybe if someone in the Church were to note the good work that they are doing instead of continuing to bash them…

I will guess because they lure people seeking tradition into their Churches.

It is a horrible state of affairs for both sides and I pray it will cease to be this way.

I don’t think accusing people of sin is very charitable.


Why would an Orthodox attend a Tridentine Mass? (or are you meaning orthodox as in conservative)


My guess? If they live in an area where the Orthodox Church that is closest to them is much farther away than the SSPX, and as humans we can sometimes be lured into the lazy route. (Just my guess here dont shoot me)

They are bi-ritual…

The Transalpine Redemptorists are a bi-ritual Catholic community of priests and monks founded in 1988 with the blessing of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, courageous defender of the Latin Rite. Their vocation is to live the traditional monastic rule and vocation of the Redemptorists which were tragically abandoned in 1969 and replaced by a modernist rule. This new rule unleashed serious changes in thinking. A new modernist mentality spread through the monasteries and weakened the faith; this brought with it the enthusiastic acceptance of the Vatican Ostpolitik, the Vatican-Moscow Agreement, false ecumenism and the new shame of the Balamand Agreement (24 June 1993) by which church politicians have recognised the schismatic Orthodox Churches as equal “Sister Churches”.

Page 2:

In our Transalpine Redemptorist monasteries the Catholic faith is kept with a humble, firm refusal of the modernist mentality, new liturgy and false ecumenism. Our fathers lament the fact that no Catholic Byzantine Rite bishop has been appointed for any part of Central or Eastern Ukraine, for Belarus’, or for Russia. Through fear and human respect, not even one priest has been publicly appointed for all these millions and millions of souls. These souls are abandoned for the sake of church politics. A crisis of courage! Courageous Patriarch Josyf would weep tears of blood!
Our missionary monks and nuns humbly refuse this cowardly spirit. They pray earnestly for the weak hierarchs. And they propose to themselves another spirit.

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