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I would appreciate some advice. I live in New Zealand. I get all of my Catholic books from Book Depository (which has a huge selection of Catholic Books, and ships free worldwide), or from New Zealand Catholic shops. However, there are two books I want, one a prayer book called “Blessed Be God”, and one the 1962 Roman Missal. They are both traditional Catholic books. It will cost a lot of money to buy them from a website such as Baronius Press, due to shipping costs. Does anybody know of any stores that have reasonable or free shipping to New Zealand?

Thank you for your help.

Yours in Christ and His Blessed Mother


Could you ask the Book Depository or the NZ Catholic shop to buy the two books in for you?


That is a good idea that I have thought about. I do feel that large online shops are quite unwilling when it comes to things like that, however.
I may give it a try.

Thank you very much.


Amazon has both, but I don’t know what the shipping costs might be.

By the way, I have Blessed Be God. You’ll love it!


Our Hosts, Catholic Answers, have an online shop. Contact them wrt shipping to New Zealand.

You might also ask your parish office, your Diocese office, for a list of vendors.




I bought a copy of Blessed Be God from these guys…

They had the cheapest price I could find.


Ask the bookshops to order the books you are interested in at the same time they are ordering other books from the same publisher. Postage will be split on several books. Some shops order in bulk while others order the same moment they get an order from a customer.


I get almost all of my books here at a Low price, also if you buy and work your way to a certain about of books you will get a free one…


The store is in NZ itself. Hence shipping should be cheaper.

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