Traditional Catholic Priest teaches truth about homosexuality

Fr. Michael Rodriguez does a wonderful job standing up for Church teaching on homosexuality. Look at the following video:

What does traditional Catholic priest mean?

That’s worrisome.

I have to admit, our parish priests avoid all mention of any controversial issue - chastity, abortion, contraception, homosexuality, etc.

Sad. Cowardly actually.

Particularly chastity, they should be wonderful counselors about that topic.

Worrisome, again.

I was speaking to an F.F.S.P. priest this past Sunday an I, too, was lamenting the fact that contraception, for example, HAS NEVER ONCE BEEN ADDRESSED from the pulpit in my local parish.

The whole concept of mortal sin needs to be brought to everyone’s attention so that we are all aware of when we separate ourselves from God.

WRT the video, maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall Father stressing the difference between being a homosexual verses participating in a homosexual act. Sexual activities outside of marriage are sinful.
Maybe someone is born with an innate attraction to underage children of the opposite sex. That is a cross to bear. Acting on the impulse is where the sin lies. How is homosexuality any different?

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