Traditional Catholic Radio?

The Orthodox have an internet radio station that plays Orthodox music 24/7. Does anyone know of a similar traditional Catholic internet station? I’m not interested in Christian music but Catholic. Thanks in advance

I listen to the Vatican Radio…Liturgy of Hours sung in Latin

Our very own VociMike of these forums hosts a great site of Catholic music

I often have it on when I am on my computer.

Partial to the SSPX but …

Traditional Catholic Radio

Also partial to SSPX, you get a new interview each week from a traditionalist catholic perspective…

Peace in Christ,


This was mentioned by another poster, but I just wanted to repeat it. I listen to this on my computer at home, and often at work. Lovely, traditional, CATHOLIC music!:

Thank you and brotherhrolf for touting us. I’m happy to say that we’ve grown faster than expected. We’re now in the top 2.5% of all the Live365 stations.

That also means we’re paying more for our “air” time than we had budgeted, so we’re planning a fundraising campaign to start soon. Now you’ve all been warned. :slight_smile:

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