Traditional catholic.


I am 33 years old married with 2 kids. We are conservative Traditional Catholics. I am finding it hard to share fellowship with other Catholics our age due to what seems to be differences in understanding the Catholic Faith. Isn’t being a Catholic a Catholic? I am confused. Is being a Traditional Catholic a dying breed? I have several friends that I grew up with that are no longer Catholic. Actually, most of the kids I went to Catholic school with. The few that are, don’t know what Our Catechism says or our Catholic Bible. I am finding it hard to find someone our age that is knowledgeable about our faith to share fellowship. I know we should share our faith with others, but sometimes its nice to hang out with other that are like us.

I think you have come to the right place to share your faith and to learn more about it.
Many here are from different backgrounds, ages, culture, education, exerience, and problem experiences.

Just hang around for a while and you will be pleasantly surprised along with a lot of other things.

Yep, the “new springtime” of Vatican II.

Where abouts do you live? Find an FSSP chapel near you and attend there. Trust me. It will make all the difference.


I agree with you that most Catholics today are greatly lacking in their knowledge of, and too often their assent to, Catholic teaching. Simply pray and share your views when the appropriate window opens up in a discussion.
Perhaps God is calling you to be a beacon of His true Church to those who were not adequately raised in it, or who have deliberately rejected the truth that they were taught. Look at it as an opportunity!

However, don’t go to an SSPX chapel. At least until they are in full union with Rome. (There’s is no need to elaborate on all that here; you may look for numerous other threads on the forums that explain the problem issues with the SSPX. The FSSP is OK.)

There’s nothing wrong with the SSPX. “Full union” is silly, vague talk. They are in communion with Rome and teach the traditional faith, shunning modernist novelty. They are completely Catholic, undoubtedly more Catholic than the typical local Novus Ordo parish these days.

The original poster just needs to find an FSSP or SSPX parish nearby and most of her problems will be dealt with.

Thank you so much. It is very scary world we live in. I just want Catholics to know that they can always come home. We have a huge congregation at our church. Like 600 families. Yet when the Priest offers Bible Studies we get about 20. I am not “cool” among alot of the other Catholics my age at my church because they like to drink. I like to go to the Church Bible Studies and participate in events at Church. Sadly I can’t get anyone to go. I feel out of place with them. I just want to raise my Children to be devote Catholics. I am afraid that like so many, they too, will leave the faith. Out of 5 siblings I am the only one still catholic. They have become atheist along with my parents. I don’t know how this has happened. I think the secular world has gotten to them. I feel so alone. Thank you for welcoming me here. :thumbsup:

Wrong, I.F. Take it to another thread, and don’t recruit fellow Catholics to follow a dissenting organization.

Well, which state do you live in? There is more than likely a traditional Mass center nearby, with many similar-minded Catholics.

You’ve answered your own question, Jillian. A large percentage of self-professed Catholics do not even attend mass. So trying to have a theological discussion with them would be pointless.

There are all ready a hundred other threads made by neo-Catholics bashing the SSPX as being schismatic and dissenting; simply for upholding, professing and practicing the traditional faith amongst such heresy and error around us.

What I dislike, is when an honest Catholic wanting a good parish of orthodoxy and tradition comes on here is told to not go to the SSPX because they are not in “Full union”, even though there is no such term in canon or divine law. You are either in communion or you are not, and they are in communion and profess the one true holy Catholic faith. Even Rome has said that it is perfectly fine to attend their chapels and give a small amount in the collection.

Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Matthew 5:11

I live in NW Indiana.

I’m a “neo-Catholic” for discouraging others from following the SSPX? Using that term raises all sorts of red flags.
I suppose I’ve been infected with “modernism” too, because I follow the directives of the Vatican. :rolleyes:

Jillian, sorry that things got distracted there. Actually, you never said that you prefer a Tridentine EF Mass. But if you do, simply ask your pastor if he might be interested in trying it! Pope Benedict declared a wish that it should be learned by all “neo-Catholic” priests (hrrumph), and offered to the faithful if enough people are requesting it. If your pastor isn’t up for it, then look for a nearly parish that does offer it, and also consider the FSSP if they are in your area.

However, maybe you just used the term Traditional Catholic to highlight that you still believe everything the Church has taught for 2,000 years – as we all should!

Yes that is what I meant. I guess I meant conservative. I have no idea what or that their was any other church but Roman Catholics. I just don’t know why my peers don’t care about being Catholic. I am not for the whole mentality that Church is for Old people. I love the Lord. I love being Catholic. Am I Crazy for that? I feel so. I really want to teach my kids how great the Catholic Faith is. Being Catholic its not just going to church. Its about the whole soul. I could not imagine not being Catholic. I am so happy that I can be in communion with Jesus’s rightful church.

The directives of the Vatican state that you can attend an SSPX chapel. The term “neo-Catholic” or “Conservative” simply refers to those who regard the SSPX or other traditionalists, such as the FSSP, as schismatic.

The FSSP have a chapel in Indianapolis (which seems too far), or the SSPX have chapels in Fort Wayne and South Bend. Here is the website:

I looked at the two orders you gave me. They are far… lol I just want to know more about our faith. No one else seems to be interested. My best friends are Dutch Reformers and are always trying to get me to leave the Catholic Church. I feel this thread will be good for me because the thought of me NOT being Catholic makes me Sick. IDK but maybe its the Holy Spirit telling me to stay. I guess I will wait until my peers get older and take Catholicism with Love, and knowledge. j/k

Thank you all. The fact that you would help me has given me hope. I am so glad there are Catholics that know why they are Catholic. I am so hungry for the knowledge the church has to share. I am sorry I am not the just “do what your told Catholic”. Its really Awesome!! I wish more younger people felt that the Catholic Church was "awesome"too!! :smiley:

I wonder if Joliet or Naperville Illinois would be within commuting distance. The average commute to my FSSP church is 40 minutes and I can testify from experience that the hour I spend each way driving is small price to pay for the EF mass and the devotion of the parishioners to their faith.
I think you will find younger Catholics, many with families who are eager to share their faith with their children and their friends. I quit counting altar serviers some time ago, but i bet we had at least 8 today. Our FSSP priest gives wondeful sermons and offers adult education classes frequently. We had a May crowning today and will have a procession around the church for the feast of Corpus Christi. Our church potlucks are well attended and the choir/schola is pretty close to heavenly. The lines for confession are impressive-there is a real appreciation for the sacraments. Best wishes in your search and of course you can find more than a few like-minded Catholics at this forum.:thumbsup:

My recommendations:

(1) I agree with your perceptions that something isn’t right, that things shouldn’t be as they are, that what you have been confronting and experiencing is a state of affairs that is out of whack.
(2) But, this is how things are. You are not God. You cannot change this.
(3) But, hope is not lost.
(4) Above all, deepen your FELLOWSHIP with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. NO group, parish, or mortal human friend can fill the emptiness that only God can fill. I know you know that. But, still, we can all forget that, right?
(5) Per #4 above, don’t get caught up in the endless search for the right parish, the right priest, the right mass, etc., etc., etc.
(6) Live out your private family life with God.
(7) Do not depend on ANYONE else to teach the Catholic Faith to your children. YOU must know the faith deeply and broadly, and constantly TEACH it to them yourself.
(8) Of course, as it always said, the MAIN way you teach Faith, Hope and Love is by living it out in your daily life.
(9) Blessed Pope John Paul II called the basic family unit the “domestic church.” Focus on that. As parent, you are a leader or the leader in your domestic church.
(10) Waste no time or energy or thought in being disappointed with all the lax Catholics. As I said in #6, just live out YOUR private family life with God.
(11) I believe the main protection against your children leaving the Catholic Faith is for you to give your all in being the very best parent in the world. Raise them so that they love you so much that they’d rather be boiled in oil than disappoint you.
(12) Going to Mass at a place that only offers the traditional Latin mass might help. But beware: Sometimes the people at those places are OBSESSED with and very ANGRY at all the “liberals” at the places that have the Novus Ordo (ordinary form) mass. Some get obsessed with blaming all the problems on the Vatican II Council. Others want to blame “the culture,” the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, Karl Marx, Immanuel Kant, the Protestant Revolution, Feminists, Freemasons, Sigmund Freud, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or something. I really advise not to get caught up in this Us versus Them business. Just skip the holy war. It is a lot like politics, and it just makes you sick and despairing after a while. Per my idea #6 above, just live out your private family life with God. Don’t get involved in any great movement to reform or save the Church. That is what many in those traditional Latin mass places are trying to do. God bless them. But you are a mom with little kids! You don’t have time to save or reform the Church! Just live out your little private family life with God. Think of yourself as “little,” per the recommendation of St. Therese, the “Little Flower.” Don’t let these troublesome times trouble you. Keep your faith in God and in God’s Church. In reality, everything is just fine in the Kingdom of Heaven, and for those who are in harmony with Heaven through Jesus Christ.
(12) Lots of traditional type Catholics find fellowship, solace and security at Opus Dei study centers. There is apparently one in South Bend, Indiana. There may be others closer to you.

I found this on the Opus Dei web site:

Where does Opus Dei have centers in the United States?

Opus Dei has more than 60 centers in or near 19 cities in the U.S.: Boston; Chicago; Dallas; Delray Beach, FL; Houston; Los Angeles; Miami; Milwaukee; New York; Pittsburgh; Princeton, NJ; Providence; St. Louis; San Antonio; San Francisco; South Bend, IN; South Orange, NJ; Urbana, IL; and Washington, DC. Additionally, Opus Dei conducts activities in many other cities. To learn more about Opus Dei’s activities in your area, please send an e-mail to indicating where you are writing from and any other details you wish to include.

Opus Dei has separate meetings for men and for women. They also have activities for kids that I think are very helpful.

Honestly, I don’t understand why all traditional-type Catholics don’t get associated with Opus Dei.

As I understand it, most people don’t actually join Opus Dei. Rather, most people just associate with it, go to meetings and masses they offer, and enroll their kids in activities they offer for kids (sports and educational programs, mainly, I think).

It the lifetime of St. Augustine of Hippo, the Roman Empire, including I think even the city of Rome itself, was getting conquered and sacked by “barbarians” (mainly Germans, I think). This led many of the Roman people to ask, “How can this be happening? This is Rome!” This led some people to blame the Catholic Church for this. They said, “If Rome had kept its traditional religion (the pagan one), none of this would be happening!” This was upsetting so many people that St. Augustine wrote a whole book to refute the view that it was all the fault of the Catholic Church becoming the religion of Rome. And, as we all know, those troublesome times passed, and by most people are completely forgotten.

These troublesome times will pass too. But, your life and the lives of your children DO matter! So, per my #6 above, just live our your private family life with God, and don’t worry.

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