Traditional Catholicism and the fight against Islam

Read an article today at the American Thinker website about the infiltration of Islam into European societies:

I’ve been thinking about this subject for a while and posted a response to the article which I’ve pasted below:

I’m a practicing traditional Catholic. This gives one a slightly different perspective on this subject.

The Church’s stance against birth control and abortion doesn’t seem so non-sensical in light of what’s happening in Europe (and elsewhere in the world for that matter). The further mankind strays from God’s Truth, the more mankind creates a society and world built on the folly of human pride. Much of the West has been contracepting and aborting themselves into extinction. God has created a world where there are consequences for these (and all) sins. The first step in solving this problem is individuals turning back toward God.

Unfortunately for mankind, the slow secularization of society over the last 500 - 700 years has also infected the Catholic Church. Most Catholics don’t practice the Faith and many of those who do assist at Mass regularly don’t incorporate their Faith into their day-to-day lives and society suffers for it. The ‘modernization’ of the Catholic Church which came to fruition at the Council of Vatican II (1962-65) resulted in a catastrophic breakdown of Church discipline and observance among Catholic clergy and laymen. The ‘reforms’ of Vatican II were nothing short of a disaster for the Church and society.

The first step in correcting the ills of Europe is a resurgent traditional Catholic Church. This is beginning to happen already as more traditional priests and religous orders are on the ascendance in the Church. Those religious orders and dioceses that were swept up in the ‘spirit of Vatican II’ are dying because they draw no vocations to the priesthood or religious life. The traditional orders and dioceses have an increasing number of vocations and in many cases an abundance of vocations. More and more young Catholic laymen are turning towards more tradtional forms of Catholic expression (the traditional Latin Mass, Rosary etc.) These will be the weapons that re-Christianize Europe and the West.

Catholics take solace in Christ’s promise that the Catholic Church would exist until the end of time (MT 16:13 - 20). The Church will be at the fore-front of saving the West. Not until the Church gets it’s own house in order, will it be able to more fully influence what is happening in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

It seems unlikely to me that Muslims are trying to infiltrate. All of the Muslims around here are looking for a nice place to live where they can raise their kids in a safe environment and teach them about God.

I have to disagree (about VatII). I know for one, that I probably would not have been as close to the church as i am now w/o it. :frowning: I can say the same for a number of other people. If I’m correct (could be wrong! :shrug:) all masses were said in latin before Vatican II. How many more poeple have we been able to reach internationally because mass can be said in each country’s own language? I know that you were also trying to stress the fact that the west has to be better to go after the other countries. But here’s the thing, we’re never going to be “perfect,” whoever can, should go and evangelize.

Please correct if I’m wrong in my language thing… !!! :smiley:

I read something similar to this a few years back talking about birth rates. Islam is the only other religion that opposes birthh control and abortion as strongly as the Catholic Church. Apparently they are doing a better job of teaching it than we are currently.

You appear to be adopting one of the traditional anti-Catholic screeds of the protestant denominations. The Church’s teachings on sexual morality have nothing to do with trying to out-breed other faiths. If that were the goal there would be more efficient ways of accomplishing it. The Church’s teachings are based on morality and must stand or fall on that basis, and not based on whether they are currently convenient or inconvenient to a plan to influence European culture.

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