Traditional Catholicism Forum - TEMPORARY BAN

I wanted to alert everyone who participates here (and those who normally don’t) that **the **Traditional Catholicism Forum is under a temporary closure; posting about Traditional Catholicism is a banned topic in ANY FORUM until November 10.

Please read the notice below and keep it in mind when posting.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Jo Benedict by PM.

Temporary Closure of TC Forum
The Traditional Catholicism forum will be closed for two weeks, from October 27-November 10. During that time, please do not discuss ANY subjects relating to traditional Roman Catholicism on any of the other forums on CAF. Any violations of this ban, by any member, will mean the permanent closure of that person’s account.

Questions or concerns about this closure should be directed to the attention of the TC forum’s moderator Jo Benedict by private message or by email at Such questions should not be discussed publicly, including in the Concierge Desk. Public posts on the closure will also subject members who violate this ban to a permanent closure of their account.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Klara, are you seeing violations of the ban here?

According to the definition in the Traditionalist forum, it’s concerned with discussion of the Latin Mass. So, I assumed discussing TLM was out. I also assumed discussions about Vatican II in general were probably not a good idea.

Anything else?

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