Traditional Commentary on the Holy Bible


Are there any traditional commentaries on the Holy Bible ? Something for each book of the Bible that can assist in understanding ?


Try the Douay-Rheims Bible with the Haydock Commentary.


Great opinion! One of my favorites! :thumbsup:


I really enjoy the Navarre Bible commentaries. They are easy to understand and there’s a separate book for most of the New Testament. I don’t know if they’re considered ‘Traditional’

They include commentaries on each verse and provide church teaching to go along with it. They are short, simplified, and you don’t feel like you’re being bogged down in long, drawn-out deep theology, which can sometimes be very difficult.


Haydock is a great idea.

There’s the Navarre Bible, but it’s multi-volume and expensive.

There’s also Dom. Bernard Orchard’s Catholic Commentary on Scripture, but it’s out of print - a second-hand copy should be easy to find, and the New Testament text is available online.

If you’re okay with a more modern (but still orthodox) commentary, there’s the Ignatius Study Bible.


Yes, the Navarre commentary is outstanding! I have 6 of the individual New Testament titles so far, getting one of them about every month or so. Fast for lunch at least 1 day a week every month and save enough money to buy each one :smiley:

Thumbs up for the Haydock commentary as well!

The Ignatius New Testament Study Bible is great as well, it also includes footnotes with references to the CCC - which is a great feature. They have about 3-4 book of the OT out but are still working on the full OT. Can’t wait until its done.


The Haydock commentary is probably the most traditional and orthodox you can get in English.

Some more modern commentaries that are still orthodox in faith would be the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible and Navarre Bible series, but I’ve never touched them myself so I couldn’t tell you about their quality. The New Catholic Answer Bible is also good if you’re trying to have discussions with Protestants or Jehovah’s Witnesses about Catholic doctrine, but not so much for actually learning about the Bible.

Avoid: New Jerome Biblical Commentary, the Catholic Study Bible (New American Bible), the Oxford Annotated Bible, the Orthodox Study Bible.


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