Traditional/conservative Protestant Seminary

Is going to a conservative/traditional protestant seminary okay?
What is you opinion about it, and can you give some advice regarding it.

Catholic seminaries are expensive, religious scholarship are rare, and sponsorship is hard to find.
I want to attend a traditional Catholic seminary, but I can’t afford to go. Please advice…

Laudater Jesus Christus
Instaurare omnia in Christo

If you’ve got permission from your bishop to attend then by the laws of the Church it is OK.

In my opinion the bishop would be making a big mistake to allow it, but it is his call, not mine.

You should definitely not attend a Protestant Seminary even if it seems more conservative then the Catholic Church or most of them any way the point. Even if your bishop allows it, consider your own soul and see that receiving protestant theology for 7 years or however long it takes them. See if you would remain as fervent a Catholic as previously entering the seminary.

Don’t go to a Protestant Seminary! It is pointless. The point of seminary is to learn to be a priest. You can’t learn to be a priest from Protestants. Q.E.D.

Pray to St Joseph, to Our Lady, to St Joseph of Cupertino for help with money for seminary, and ask your diocese and Knights of Columbus about scholarships. Pray too about whether you should enter a religious order–I think money works differently there.

All the best.

I am a Protestant, so naturally, I recommend it. It would be good for you to learn how the other side relates to God. For instance, Protestants view themselves as saints at present with Jesus Christ as High Priest. Therefore, they go directly to God through Jesus Christ rather than going through a church. The first thing that you will notice is complete freedom from the Vatican and church law.


I don’t think he wants to go a seminary to learn how “the other side” relates to God. I think he goes there to learn how God wants us to relate to him.

For instance, Protestants view themselves as saints at present with Jesus Christ as High Priest.

Hmmm, that doesn’t differ much from the Catholic view.

Therefore, they go directly to God through Jesus Christ rather than going through a church.

That’s what you want to believe. But the truth is that you go to God through your subjective interpretation of the Bible as much as we go to God through the Church given to us by Christ Himself.

The first thing that you will notice is complete freedom from the Vatican and church law.

…as well as the Sacraments and fullness of Truth…


Anyways, Ad Deum, I really really don’t recommend it. I would rather pray to God to help you enter an orthodox Catholic seminary if that is his will. Meanwhile try to do all in your power to obtain a grand etc.
You are in my prayers.

Pax Christi,

Which protestant seminary would you recommend he attend, and why?






Assemblies of God/Pentecostal?

Disciples of Christ?

Southern Baptist?


United Church of Christ?


Salvation Army?

etc… :confused:

Getting back on topic, people are called to the ministry, and Ad Deum sounds like he is picking a college. That’s okay, because some guys receive the calling while they are in a seminary, whether it be Catholic or Protestant. And of course, a few guys leave a seminary as a complete atheist, and that is why it’s important to be called.

For example, I am not called to the ministry, and that stuff that they teach in a seminary is not my Jesus. Plus, I don’t like how they beat up on one another either.


First of all the first thing that you should learn is that there is absolutely one truth :smiley: . So if you truly are an objective person you study comparative religion Ad Deum. In order for Christ to say that the gates of hell will not prevail against and he says that he will be the church in all time (as long as we might have b4 the second coming), Christ never lies because he cant it is not in his nature. That is why you need to only look for Churches that have Apostolic Succession :cool: . It is dumb to think that just by beleiving you are saved, it does not make sense scripturally, natural law and reason itself. Since “God” does not appear to every single person there has to be a way that the faithful may know which is the way of salvation. We also know that when you are interpreting scripture by yourself, “that the Holy Ghost will not inspire 300 million christians” to the truth of the scriptures. So logically we all understand that Christ is man and God. So you either if you honestly study Protestantism, you will be only left with two choices either Orthodox or Catholicism which both have Apostolic Succesion since the time of Our Lord when he made Peter as the head of his Church and all of his holy bishops too.:thumbsup:

Holy Roam the same message really just applys to you to. Be honest with yourself. Dont look for excuses, also consider that which makes sense with everything possible.

Well, at present I have been attending Saint Margaret Mary Catholic church on a regular basis, so Rev. Wiener is my pastor. Here is a Quote from him in the San Francisco Newspaper about the Protestants:

How do you bring people of all faiths together if you are saying that other faiths aren’t as valid as Catholicism?

Well, that’s a church policy question. I’m not the person who can really speak to that. But very briefly, it’s the old and well-known position of the Catholic Church that the full truth of Jesus Christ is present in the Catholic Church. That does not mean that part of Christ and Christ’s teachings are not present in other religious groups. But it means that in the Catholic Church alone there is the complete full truth of Jesus Christ.

I don’t mean to badger you about this, but these issues have been widely talked about in the news lately, in the coverage of the Latin Mass. So I wanted to get your side of the story …

I’m used to explaining to people, if they ask me, that when we say that the Catholic Church has the full truth, that does not mean that nobody can be saved outside of the Catholic Church. It means that Christ is our universal savior, and the Catholic Church is, so to say, the most safe ship with which we can cross the Atlantic or the ocean. The Catholic Church is the best equipped ship to reach eternity.

Here is link to the whole story:

Apparently, us Protestants are not on the most safe ship, but at least we are on a ship.



Well, now that you are aware of the “most safe ship” - looks like you’ve got a decision to make. Choose carefully. Eternity is at stake.

As the song goes, “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.”

Peace in Christ,


There’s no point going to a Protestant seminary. You simply won’t gain the proper formation required for Holy Orders. …and that’s not just academic, remember!

Please stay on topic, and take side issues to new/existing threads in the appropriate fora. Thank you.

Why is it that you want to go to a seminary?

If you want to become a priest, then a Protestant seminary isn’t going to help you get there. Talk to the vocations office of your diocese. They’ll already have a plan in place and they have seminaries that they send their men to. If you’re interested in a religious order, talk to their vocation director. Again, they know where they want their members to be educated.

Are you interested in doing some kind of lay ministry? Where do you intend to do it? If I were hiring someone to work in a Catholic church – as a pastoral associate, DRE, etc. – I would be inclined to favor someone who had a Catholic education rather than a Protestant one.

I guess I don’t see any advantage for a Catholic to get a non-Catholic religious education.

do you think it will somehow be less expensive to get your theological education in another institution? if you truly have a vocation the way to pay for your education will open up for you. It is your bishop, or the head of your religious order, who decides where you will complete your education, not you. You should be in consultation with the vocations director of your diocese and follow his guidance.

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