Traditional Cross Style

One of my favorite hobbies is purchasing crosses and crucifixes and I’ve come across a design that I find incredible appealing aesthetically but have been unable to identify, though it resembles some 19th-century Gothic crosses that I’ve come across. It looks oddly like a mixture of an Eastern cross (with a defoil resembling the footrest) and a cross botonnee. I’m providing a picture of a beautiful micro-mosaic crucifix that I saw recently. Any help would greatly appreciated!

While at my Grandmother’s funeral in May at an Eastern Orthodox church, I noticed the crosses in it had the flower like ends with “decorations” inlaid. The pictures on your cross look to be more Roman Catholic than Orthodox. It is very beautiful.

I don’t know the cross’s origin however it is really nice. I hope you bought/own it :smiley:


I been looking for that kind of crucifix, where can i get it.

That is a beautiful crucifix!


I can’t help, but it is quite beautiful. The detail is especially nice.

Are those the Patriarchal/Papal Basilicas?

Sure looks like 'em.

It’s definitely a Byzantine style cross with a Roman style corpus and detail… beautiful! :slight_smile:

How large is it? I’m assuming it’s a crucifix for hanging on a wall rather than wearing.

It’s about 5.25" and actually, no, it is a wearable crucifix though I don’t know why anyone would. I think it’s more along the lines of a souvenir that something meant to be functional.

Very beautiful. I think it is the Basilica’s in Rome, as it says “ROMA” on the stem.

I’d like to wear it. :wink:


:smiley: It’s a little gaudy for my taste. My whole reason for asking was, if I couldn’t find another one (perhaps a little more simple), I was going to have one made for a rosary I designed.

You might wanna look on they have close to 200 crucifixes to choose from. (selecting “custom” on the left then selecting “get started” is a little easier as you can see a graphic table of all of the crucifixes) There are a few there that are similiar in shape to that one, and you can order it separately.

Oh, I’ve been there and many times, alas not exactly what I’m looking for.

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