Traditional episcopal church vs. catholic church

Before joining the Roman Catholic Church I belonged to an episcopal church which was both conservative and traditional.
Our priest was very clear that he was accepting of homosexuals in the parish as long as they were celibate-not an active homosexual and the anglican church I joined next was the same

So I assumed when I joined the Catholic church the same would apply. When I was received into the Catholuc church again, I was in a conservative parish. Shortly thereafter I moved to a smaller town which is very liberal and only has one parish. I recently learned that a same sex couple who entertained the priest often in their home receive communion. I expect there are probably others.

My question is in this day and age are Catholics just expected to look away and ignore this?

It gets complicated. It’s quite possible that the priest was maintaining an ongoing relationship with these two individuals as an attempt to bring them back to the practice of their faith. In the meantime, he can’t refuse them Communion without being attacked by many, including possibly his Bishop.

On the other hand, he may be a priest who dissents from the teaching of the Church regarding human sexuality.

Either way, no, Catholics are NOT supposed to just look the other way. We have to be consistent and fervent in speaking the truth at all times, with charity.

Thank you for your reply. I just wanted to see if this is common in other parishes.

I am not a goody two shoes but after going through troublesome times in the episcopal church with no authoriry the main reason I joined the Catholic church is because there is authority and definite church teachings. I guess I was hoping people would be abiding by the teachings and sadly I have realized there are many liberal catholics who follow their liberal heart in politics and religion.
I wish there was a parish where I lived that was conservative and traditional.

Do you know for a certainty that this couple is sharing a bed and engaging in sexual relations? If you don’t really know, why do you just assume that they are?

It is quite possible that they have separate bedrooms and are living celibate lives, but sharing a house for economic reasons. It’s also quite possible that they used to be sharing a bed until they started having private meetings with the priest, then received confession and moved into separate bedrooms.

YES. Unless you are a close enough friend to them that you really know what goes on behind closed doors, then you ARE being a goody two-shoes and you need to back off.

Well I do know or I wouldn’t have written the thread.
My question is if this is common?
I am not talking about having a desire of going to the bishop or
causing any problems.
Our world has been changing so rapidly the past 4 or 5 years that I am assuming it is up to the discretion of the priest.

I found your post nan s to be both rude and hostile.

I guess there is an ignore button I maybe should use.

How do you know? Have you been inside their bedroom(s) to see for yourself?

If you are a close enough friend to know first-hand what goes on inside their house, then you should be able to speak to them yourself. Problem solved.

If you are NOT a close enough friend to know first-hand what goes on in their house, all you’re doing is spreading gossip.

I found your post nan s to be both rude and hostile.

I guess there is an ignore button I maybe should use.

Ignore me if you like. But it won’t change the truth.

Homosexual activity is not limited to the bedroom.

Yes, we shouldn’t judge someone’s soul and we don’t know here what effort the priest is making to convert the couple, but if they are holding themselves out as a homosexual “couple”, they shouldn’t be presenting themselves for Communion and the Church cannot condone their relationship. That is also sinful.

Sorry about that tone, I agree it seemed rather aggressive, and made assumptions about you. Adding sorrows to sorrow! It is a perfectly appropriate thread.

Unfortunately I have found it all too common. As far as I can tell, sexually active homosexual couples have been active in ministries in the parishes and welcomed at the communion table.

No, Church teaching (which is identical to what you have experienced in your life) is not up to the discretion of the priest. The priest is not to offer the sacrament to those who are living in sin, whatever kind. Priests can make pastoral decisions, and it is true that we do not know the details, as has been referenced in a somewhat accusatory manner above.

Yes, you can go to your account and type in the name of the offensive member and it will be added to a block list. You won’t see their posts directly, but sometimes you will see their posts or part of their posts in others’ replies.

Thank you Corki and guanaphore (spelling may not be correct -sorry) for your informative replies. I tried to be sensitive and compose my words wisely in my post. I did not want to be offensive.

I just wanted to be clear. You have satisfactorily answered my concerns.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

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