Traditional Fast

Okay, I attend a NOM, however am interested in possibly keeping the traditional fast. The only problem is that the (daily) Mass that I attend is at 6:30 PM. I could probably not eat anything if I had to - but 12:00pm-6:30pm (18 hours) doesn’t sound very practical if I’m going to do it every day.

So is there instead any X hour precommunion fast that was used pre-V2 which isn’t quite as long?


There certainly is. Under Pius XII the fast was reduced to three hours before communion, which should be doable for you.

Three hours is what I grew up with in the 50s.

Sacram communionem, 1957

"2. Priests and faithful, before Holy Mass or Holy Communion respectively, must abstain for three hours from solid foods and alcoholic liquids, for one hour from non- alcoholic liquids. Water does not break the fast.

  1. From now on, the fast must be observed for the period of time indicated in Number Two, even by those who celebrate or receive Holy Communion at midnight or in the first hours of the day."
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