Traditional Latin Mass: Feast of the Sacred Heart (VIDEO)

Check this out its Great!

I have seen that video, it is nice. Here is another which is even better, IMO, as much of it is filmed right up at the altar. The priest is so reverent, it brings tears to my eyes. BTW, this link is Part 1 of 6, but if you click on “more” on the right, you can download the entire Mass.

How do you download from Youtube?

I want a copy of the TLM for our priest who does his best but gets the Latin wrong and some of the ritual. At least he tries.

How do you download from Youtube?
I want a copy of the TLM for our priest who does his best but gets the Latin wrong and some of the ritual. At least he tries.

I don’t believe you can generally download from Youtube, but this particular Mass can be downloaded in it’s entirety (it is on Youtube in 6 parts) if you click on the word “more” on the right, underneath the name of the person (“protradition”) who uploaded it. There are also some sources for training DVDs for priests interested in the TLM which I can find for you, if interested.

Yes please.

Our Schola chairman tried to get one but it was from a SSPX source and they wouldn’t send us a copy.

Internet Explorer won’t let you download yet. However, you can do it with Firefox browser. Once you’ve downloaded and set up the browser click through the options and install an add-on feature that lets you download. Toward the right bottom of the browser you can then trigger the capture.

Once you save the files you need to put them into an FLV format to work with the FLV player.

It takes a few steps to do all this, perhaps you can google and get some more detailed instructions.

Question: Why wouldn’t they send you a copy?

Because we are not SSPX

This is the SSPX site for ordering the TLM kit. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t send you one, but I would try again. There must have been some reason or misunderstanding. It is not like the SSPX to deny help for any priest wishing to learn the TLM. Be sure to click on the link in the red box that directs you to an order form from the laity for a priest. It says that the form must be completely filled out, or the order will not be fulfilled:

It is my understanding that the SSPX will send the training video to any priest who is interested in learning the TLM. You should pursue it further. It makes no sense that you state they would not send it due to the fact you were not SSPX…the SSPX doesn’t need to send training kits to themselves.

Also, perhaps your priest should apply, not your Schola chairman…whatever that is. Only an ordained priest can offer The Holy Mass.

Your right. In fact, the SSPX has a training program for Novus Ordo Priests who want to lean the Traditional Mass. They are training these priests as we speak.

If I am not mistaken, the program provides traditional training for these priests - not just how to say Mass, but how to be a true priest.

If you ever attend a Traditional Church, whether SSPX, FSSP, Christ the King, or any traditional order, and get to know the priest, you will quickly see that these priests are different than Novus Ordo Priests. There will always be exceptions, but generally speaking, they are much more holy, reverent, and virtuous. There is no question about it, there is a noticeable difference between Traditional Priest and Novus Ordo Priest (no offence to the Novus Ordo Priests reading this, but it is a fact).

It is almost certainly due to the formation received at the Seminary. Novus Ordo Seminaries are more of a college atmosphere (I have heard this from Novus Ordo Priests), whereas Traditional Seminaries are more like Seminaries should be… kind of like a monastery environment.

I had the good fortune to attend a talk give by Bishop Fellay at the SSPX Seminary in Winona. It was a very wonderful experience to say the least. I arrived early and was able to say the Rosary (in Latin) with the Seminarians and the 40+ priests who were present for the talk. The sanctity was palpable… a real spiritually invigorating experience. I hope to be able to make a retreat there this year.

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