Traditional Latin Mass on EWTN!

I just read on that EWTN is going to air a Traditional Latin Mass on September 14th at 8am est. The article appears right at the top of today (8/17/07). Apparently the FSSP is helping with this. Let’s all work to make this their most watched program ever.

I am SOOOOOOOOOO setting the TIVO!

I think their masses are repeated in the evening.

This is good, since people who might otherwise never bother to attend a Traditional Latin Mass will now see what the TLM is all about. Especially good is that not only Catholics, but also Protestant and other non-Catholic viewers, will be able to watch at a “safe distance.”

I am curious to see the source of this news. Can anyone find a link to a confirmation article? EWTN is not announcing it at this time, neither is the FSSP. The article on the website linked to does not give the source of the news and I do not want to be a “bad rumor spreader” by linking to that website if the news is not true.


I receive several newsletters from EWTN, the latest a copy of Wings today, and none have mentioned this. I would look for official confirmation before forwarding this information.

Traditionalists should be used to a few things:

1 Dashed hopes (July 7th was a nice break with that)
2 Often unverifiable news and reports
3 Slow (if at all) updates of traditional priestly order websites

It was a press release by FSSP.

Yes, it seems the FSSP, ICK, SSPX, et al are starting to pay more attention to their websites after all.

Good news that the story was verified!

Does anyone have a problem getting EWTN now? I have an old big dish, and that’s all I have ever gotten with it, fine with me. But some time this summer the signal from EWTN got weaker ? or some site next to it (one of those “buy all this stuff from us” stations!) got stronger. I am sick that I can’t get EWTN now although I can see the faint picture. Nothing at my end changed. Any advice, they haven’t answered me. :frowning:

Call your dish provider - tell them to fix it “or less” (y’know ultimatum 'em). :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m very excited to hear of this great news for EWTN. As you all have probably heard they have finally received a new Bishop, after over two years. I’ll have to remember to mark down the date and time of the Mass. All of this is wonderful publicitly for the TLM and people can get to see why we Love the TLM so much!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I noticed that the press release said that they were going to celebrate this form in the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament! That’s is going to be awesome!



Laudater Jesus Christus!!!

This is the news article regarding that special day:éEN

Still waiting for a Papal TLM.

Will you by His Holiness a triple tiara? :wink:


It was also announced by a FSSP priest at the TLM I attended yesterday.

Absolutely. :thumbsup:

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