Traditional Latin Mass returns to the world's largest Catholic university

…the evening of August 24, 2012 saw the Traditional Latin Mass being celebrated in public in the University of Santo Tomas (UST) for the first time since the liturgical reforms of Paul VI took effect. UST is the Philippines’ oldest existing university and sole Pontifical University. It is also the world’s largest Catholic university located in one campus in terms of the number of students (around 45,000 students in the Manila campus)…

The Mass was offered in the St. Dominic Chapel in the 3rd floor of the Tan Yan Kee Student Center. The chapel could hold about 60-70 people maximum (including choir and altar servers) but the crowd in attendance – far more than a hundred-strong – greatly exceeded expectations, and spilled out into the surrounding corridors. Screens and projectors had to be used to allow the faithful who were in the corridors to follow what was happening inside the chapel. The vast majority of the attendees were students of the University. Most of the servers and the whole choir were also drawn from UST students – all in their late teens and early twenties – who had practiced for this occasion for the past several weeks…


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