Traditional Marriage


The State of Wisconsin had a joint public hearing on Wisconsin’s proposed constitutional amendment.

On the date of Tuesday, November 29, 2005, I gave my testimony before the Joint Judiciary Committee of Wisconsin on Assembly Joint Resolution 67. This is a written copy of that testimony.

In the year nineteen hundred and seventy-two, I proposed to my wife in these words, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, for it shall bear my children”. Now notice I said bless not love. You must be committed to bless someone because it can not be taken back. These two pillars define marriage.

As legislators you are here to establish order throughout our beloved state of Wisconsin, so why do you listen to agents of chaos. The news media, some scientist and educators make there livelihoods out of chaos. Our News media survives on chaos, but you as legislators are to establish order and not chaos. Look at the order you have established at this meeting, we needed this type order in our culture. This can only come when things are well defined. The definition of marriage has been defined for centuries and we need not change it.

The Chairman interrupts and asks to do final summary.

I said, “ The two pillars of marriage are the blessing of woman, and of her womb. Notice I said the fruit of her womb and not the child of it. The fruit of the womb was said on purpose, for the fruit of the womb is liken to the fertilization of the flower of a fruit tree. When fertilized it bears fruit. I reference the fruit of the womb in this very same manner.” and you know what I mean.

The Chairman asks the committee members, “Are there any questions”, at which point I observed each member for a response. There were none and I was excused.


well done, good and faithful servant.



As a fellow Wisconsinite I thank you.



Dear Beaver,

You would get my vote. If only those ears that heard you listened and di not block you out, your wisdom and faith may have benefited so many of your fellow countrymen.

I’ll be praying for you, your state, and the people you represent. Keep up the good work.

God bless,



I hope it’s contagious in the other 49 states, especially in Illinois, whereby the leading gubernatorial candidates of both parties are for abortion rights. Please pray for Illinois while you are at it. Thanks Wisconsin


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