Traditional Mass in Central Massachusetts

As of June 28th we have been blessed with an Extraordinary Form Mass here in the Diocese of Worcester, the first in a Diocese parish (there has been an EF Mass for some time at the Benedictine monastery in Still River). The Mass is every Sunday at 8 AM at Immaculate Conception parish, 59 Walnut St. in Fitchburg MA.

I had wanted to attend this Mass and finally had the opportunity to do so today. To be honest I have in the past had mixed feelings about the Latin Mass vs. the NO but attending today has changed my thinking thanks to a sermon by Fr. Phillipson on the subject of what it means to actively participate at Mass. Like most people felt that to actively participate one had to attend the NO Mass and that the Latin Mass was too passive and the Latin language a barrier to following what was going on.

However at this Mass I was drawn in by the great reverence and solemnity provided by the Gregorian chant, the way the priest and servers conducted themselves, the great reverence shown. I find it very hard to explain. I just know I was at peace all day afterward. I think that besides the increased reverence, perhaps the traditional Mass gives us more scope to be silent and let ourselves be in touch with God, we are not so busy interacting with the celebrant as we are in the NO.

This is definitely something I am going to have to go back to and see if this is a one time thing, but I have a feeling it is not. I have always felt I was searching for something at all the masses I have attended since I went back to the Catholic Church in 1999 and I may have found a Pearl of great price. I am very thankful to the people that worked hard so that we could have the traditional Mass in our diocese and I urge others in the area to try it.


How lovely of you to make this post. I hope and pray that I will have the same opportunity to attend the Traditional Latin Mass near my home soon, but there are no plans in my diocese. Your post will encourage others to attend and see how wonderful it is also.

Just to point out this is the Benedictine Monastery that defends the dogma “Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus” and who was founded by the descendants of Father Feeney. :knight2: Yes, it is an APPROVED Latin Mass location and has been for many years.

In the Diocese of Worcester, there are three religious houses whose members believe and actively defend Father Feeney’s strict defense of “no salvation outside the Church.” Additionally, they all defend Father Feeney’s good name. Those three houses are St. Benedict’s Abbey, St. Ann’s House (the good sisters have no web site), and Saint Benedict Center. The Abbot of the Benedictine Abbey recently wrote a book defending Father Feeney, Harvard to Harvard.*** He remains a Benedictine Abbot — a prelate of the Catholic Church — in good standing.***

Note that at Still River, the traditional masses are at the Immaculate Heart of Mary chapel and at St. Ann’s convent. The mass by the brothers at St. Benedict’s is beautiful and in Latin, but is an NO mass.


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