Traditional Mass - Montreal? Hamilton?

I’m a student who attends a school in Montreal (downtown), but lives in the Hamilton area (Ontario). The traditional Latin mass has caught my attention and I would really like to attend such a service that is in good standing with the Church.

I was wondering if there is anyone out there that knows of any Churches in either the Hamilton or Montreal area that I could check out. I’ve come across several directories but I’m confused by them, some parishes that are labeled Latin are simply parishes that celebrate the Novus Ordo Mass in Latin. I want the full Tridentine expierence, not just Latin.

Another problem is that the parishes I have come across in Montreal (downtown) are French/Latin parishes and I cannot speak French. So if anyone that has attended one of these parishes in Montreal that celebrate the Tridentine mass, if you could give me any information it would greatly be appreciated.

Otherwise, if anyone knows of any parishes in the Hamilton area (specifically the Oakville/Burlington area) that celebrate the Tridentine mass, any information would also be greatly appreciated.

  1. How should I approach the Tridentine mass? I have never in my life come across one. Would It be wrong to just show up and follow the crowd? Or should I study the mass and learn it well before going to such a service? In either case, I would really appreciate some resources for learning the Tridentine mass.


Diocese of Hamilton site in Kitchener

Montreal site listed here

Thanks for the links, but I actually came across these sites already. Kitchner is a bit of a drive and I’d rather go to the one in St. Catherines as I have family I can always visit. But in both cases getting permission to drive the parents car that far is slim to none (previous driving incidents). Adding to the whole mix of things is that my parents don’t like the idea of a traditional mass. … I guess I was hoping that there would be a parish a bit closer but I guess I’m not that lucky.

The Montreal Parish is accessible, I guess. It’ll take several bus transfers. But the biggest problem I have is that it is a French Parish, although it conducts Latin services. The problem with this is that I was hoping to ask lots of questions because I’m totally new to the Tridentine mass.

With that said…

I want to draw attention to the second part of my question.

2) How should I approach the Tridentine mass? I have never in my life come across one. Would It be wrong to just show up and follow the crowd? Or is strongly advised that I study the mass first? I’m hoping that I can do the first approach because I’m busy enough studying for school and because I learn well in hand on situations. In either case, * I would really appreciate some resources for learning the Tridentine mass.***.

Oh and finally… would it be possible to learn enough tonight so to be able attend tomorrow’s mass? If it is, what should I specifically remember for tomorrow.

The idea of attending this parish has me excited :o .

As a person who grew up in Mississauga I am utterly perplexed with your OP and the above one. How is it that you live in Hamilton and go to school in Montreal. The drive would be at least 7-8 hours from Point A to B. I am sure that they have housing in Montreal for students.

Also you say that St. Catherine’s is too far. St. Catherine’s has daily Tridentine Mass and that is a lot closer than Toronto is.

Have you tried this website for the Latin Mass directory:

Actually Toronto and St. Catherines are about the same distance from my home.

I’ve already taken a look at the directory. I was hoping someone around here would know of some other parishes, but I guess not. My choices are St. Catherine’s or Kitchener. Anyway the Montreal parish is accessible so I’ll stick to that for now.

lol, of course I don’t commute from Hamilton to Montreal everyday. I attend university here so naturally I stay here.
But I will go home every couple of weeks, plus I’m at home 4 months (about 5 if you include breaks) so thats why I was inqurining about both locations.

Anyway… I’ll probably make a post for the second part of my question to try and draw some attention to it.

I can’t help you out with location, as the only one I’ve been to was St. Anne’s in Kitchener. But as far as how to approach it- I was a little scared too :wink: Basically I sat in the back and copied what other people did. I really enjoyed it, but I didn’t have a missal so I wasn’t sure what was going on some of the time. Communion was done a lot differently, though I anticipated it it’s a different story when you’re there yourself! This is where sitting in the back comes in- you see how it functions before it’s your turn :slight_smile:

Sitting at the back, haha, I was hoping to do just that. From hanging around and chating with Tridentine goers I’m very intimated because they seem like a rather picky bunch and I don’t want to upset anyone by doing anything sacralige or out of the ordinary.

Compounding this fear is the fact that parish that I will attend (if I muster up the strength) is French speaking (besides ofcourse Latin) and I would hate to be corrected in French because my knowledge of the language is restricted to the less savory words. Actually! come to the think of it, those words may come in handy! After all I will be attending a French Church. (if anyone knows French swear words you’ll know what I mean).

Anyway, I’m going to start looking around for a missal online. If anyone has a link already, I’d great appreciate it. I may make my own little booklet tonight just for tomorrow.

Freshman, there is a Tridentine Mass in Kitchener that you could attend. The priests who say that Mass come from the Queen of Angels Oratory in St. Catherines. They also offer Mass in my city, London Ontario.

Ah, I knew Caesar would be along to help you! :slight_smile:

Oh, and something you can look into- today at Mass Father mentioned that there is a weekly indult Mass in the Diocese of Hamilton (not sure if it is in the city of Hamilton itself or not) offered by a retired Diocesan priest who drives from Toronto. There is also one in Windsor.

As for Montreal, well to be honest you’d be lucky to find any Mass there, Tridentine or Novus Ordo, considering the state of the Church in Quebec :o


I am sorry that it is off topic but I noticed that you live in Hamilton, ON. I used to live there for about a year and going to the :slight_smile:

I like the Lakes there, it is beautiful …but not the steal factory - it really makes the entire city smell. :smiley:

Oh oh oh! Please do ask for me? I haven’t come across any indult masses in the Hamilton area except for the Kitchener parish. I’m not even in Hamilton anyway, I’m actually in an outlying city called Burlington and right on the edge of Oakville.

I definitely want to check out the St. Catherine’s parish. I was talking with my parents the other day, and supposedly the oratory is right around the corner from mygrandmother. Perhaps I can knock down two birds with one stone by visiting Baba and going to this mass :wink: . But right now I’m torn between the beauty of the UGCC Divine Liturgy and the TLM. (and the NO, but only when its done “properly”). And when I go to St. Catherine’s I have the choice of a very very beautiful UGC Church with an excellent priest or a TLM. I don’t what I would choose.


I am sorry that it is off topic but I noticed that you live in Hamilton, ON. I used to live there for about a year and going to the

I like the Lakes there, it is beautiful …but not the steal factory - it really makes the entire city smell.

haha, I won’t lie, Hamilton is a dump. For me, the only thing good about Hamilton is the Ti-Cats. I find it hard to believe that you mentioned the lake. I would never in my wildest dreams go in. Well that’s not to say I haven’t, I did one time when I was a youngling and after coming out my white clothes turned blue! I can’t explain that one. But for the most part you can’t swim in the water, the fecal count is usually too high.

I know Mac, my brother goes to Mac. I almost went there too, but then I came to my sense :smiley: . I kid, I kid, Mac is a good university except for the fact that my brother goes there.:thumbsup:

I’ll email the Oratory in St. Catherines to find out for you.

I have never been to an Eastern Divine Liturgy, but if you already belong to the Ukrainian-Greek Rite then that should be fine. Although if you are a Latin Rite Catholic then the Tridentine Mass would be best for you (in my humble opinion ;)). From what I know already, there is a Tridentine Mass at St. Mary’s Church in Hamilton on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 2:30pm, and then the Mass in Kitchener at St. Anne’s Church at 1pm every Sunday. I will have to ask about Burlington and Oakville.

As for a Novus Ordo that is celebrated reverantly, I wouldnt know about individual parishes in the Hamilton Diocese, but in Toronto the priests of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri and its Apostolates sing the Novus Ordo in Latin at some of their regular Masses.

Concerning the Divine Liturgy; I have great respect for it because my mother’s family is Ukrainian. I also had an “experience” during my first Divine Liturgy, and it is because of the Divine Liturgy that I have been brought to a much stronger faith. After much discerning, I’ve concluded that what brought me to that moment was the extreme reverence that I felt during the liturgy. It is my longing for reverence that has brought me to the TLM, and finding it in the TLM has left me confused. I don’t know which to settle my feet in. At the same time, this desire for deep reverence has forced me to find it in the NO mass, but depending on the parish the search for reverence can be very difficult. Increasing the confusion is the amount of importance this descesion may have in my life. I feel a call to the priesthood, but before I seriously begin to discern that call I feel I should resolve this first. The discovery of the FSSP have my excited, but so does the idea of becoming a UGCC priest. And that’s only if I am being called to the priesthood.

Speaking of reverent NO masses, I’m generally okay in that area. In Montreal the mass conducted at St.Patrick’s basilica is very well done. They sing in Latin every couple of weeks as well, and generally the messages from the homily are very very good. My home parish is decent (in Burlington), nothing too crazy and the priest is very humble and his faith is very inspiring.

Anyway, I’ll look around for this St. Mary’s church. I imagine that it is the closest.

And thanks a lot for taking the time to help! I really really appreciate it.

Of course, I am always happy to help :slight_smile:

I too am discerning a vocation to the priesthood. I am currently looking into the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICRSS) which, like the FSSP, offers the Tridentine Mass exclusively. I am really drawn to their spirituality.

Good luck in your discernment, I will remember to pray for you,

  • Jon

This is nice to see a thread of people living close to me. I’m in Waterloo, and will be checking out St. Anne’s this weekend.

Currently I attend St. Aloysius Sunday nights at 7pm. However, I do also like St. Mary’s for the look of its insides. :slight_smile:

I attended St. Aloysius parish when I lived in Kitchener. I was also in the school there in in grade 7 and 8.

I encourage you to attend a Tridentine Mass sometime. I think that this Easter you may be getting a Solemn High Mass, since the FSSP Apostolates served by the priests in the Queen of Angels Oratory had that last year.

Hello Freshman!

I realize this thread is a wee bit old, but I am a McGill student and a parishioner at St. Irenee church, next to Lionel-Groulx metro. If you still haven’t been by, feel free to message me; a little group of friends and I go every week. It is true that our pastors are French, but they also speak some English, and parishioners are probably about 40/60 English and French. It is lovely. You could certainly just drop by, or look at some pictures, videos etc. (try YouTube, Fulton Sheen’s Easter Mass); whichever you prefer.

Let me know!


Hello Freshman 88

I have just stumbled across your thread as I too was looking for a Latin mass in Montreal…

I am the Mother of a priest in the FSSP and live in Hamilton. I would be willing to offer you any help I can regarding the Tridentine Mass…

I also restore the antigue vestments our priests use for the Mass.

From Burlington you should be able to take the GO train into Toronto and get to the EF Mass at St. Vincent de Paul at 11:30 It is run by the Oratorians who also run Holy Family Parish… They have weekday traditional Masses too. In their bulletin they refer to it as usus antiquior. They also have an excellent choir.

To learn about the TLM go to the Sancta Missa site. The have a tutorial, many articles and videos. You can familiarize yourself with the Mass very thoroughly there…

Just noticed how old the OP is. Oh well, I’ll post the info anyhow in case it helps anyone.

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