"Traditional" Mass near Mackinac City, MI?

My family and I will be vacationing in northern lower Michigan (Mackinac) this summer. We normally attend the indult Tridentine Mass in our home diocese and would like to find a parish that is more “traditional” to attend while on vacation.

I have already checked the Coalition for Ecclesia Dei and Latin Mass Association websites, and could find no indult TLM, or even a Latin Novus ordo Mass in the entire diocese of Gaylord.

Does anyone know of a more traditionally-minded or conservative parish in the area where we might not feel like such fish out of water?

What I normally do is to check www.masstimes.org for that city.

Parishes that have scheduled Adoration, Benediction and parish rosaries are usually good bets.

Another thing to look for is scheduled hours for confession, with bonus points for scheduled hours beyond a few hours on Sat. afternoons.

List of approved Tridentine Masses:


Hope this helps!

Totally off topic, but I just wanted to express my envy and homesickness at your post. When we lived in Dearborn Heights, we used spend a week every July in Cheboygan with day trips to Mackinac Island and the UP. Alas! The camping is not the same down here in the South as it is back home.

Can’t help you with the parish search, but I’ll be thinking wistfully of the splendors of up north this time of year.


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