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I’m new to these forums and am really hoping someone can help our family in finding a traditional parish in upstate NY. We are moving from Austin, where we have a lovely cathedral in which very reverent masses are offered. We’re really hoping to find a traditional parish in NY in the Malta/Saratoga Springs area. Thus far, internet searches have left me rather discouraged. Any information at all would be very sincerely appreciated. Thank you.


Upstate NY is rather vague.

Buffalo Diocese- good, many spiritually poor parishes but good ones can be found
Rochester Dioceses- ok, but most of the good stuff is centered around Rochester proper
Syracuse Diocese- HORRIBLE, stay away if all possible. There are a few ok parishes in the city and around the city of Binghamton
Ogdensburg Diocese? the one that covers the adorandic park- Seems VERY, VERY good, but are currently in search of a new bishop. I know that Ausable Forks just got a FABULOUS priest.
Albany Diocese-like Rocester, its ok but centered around cities Albany, Troy, etc.

As you’re in the Albany dio your best bet may be going to the city.

NOTE: I saw you’re looking at the Saratoga Springs area but I’m not sure if you’re already moved or will be moving so I thought I’d include all info possible.


As far as Albany is concerned, stay away from the churches in Niskayuna especially. Very liberal.

I have to concur on Syracuse diocese. That’s why I go Ukrainian Catholic every time I’m there.


Actually, the Syracuse Diocese got a new bishop this spring and things seem to be changing for the better. And one of auxilary bishops is really cool. We attend the Cathederal of the Immacualte Conception, and while the music selection is pretty bad, many of the priest’s homilies are watered down nonsense, it is still a pretty traditional church and the parochial vicar says some of the most reverant masses and gives good homilies, though he is polish and has a pretty thick accent, he is one of my favorite priests.


Hey is Fr. Greg still preaching there? Gregory Gonzalak I think his name is. He used to say that he wanted to be a great American celebrity like Jackie Chan. If it is Fr. Greg, then he came to America 6 years ago knowing virtually no English.

Yes, there are the rare good priests, but the dioceses has corruption going back decades and parishes that preach against the church and aren’t punished for it.


The parochial vicar is Fr. Mariusz Wirkowski, young priest just turned 30 this year.

I agree, there is a lot of poor teaching and bad practice. When we were looking for a parish, we found this little one not far from the university and that was ok. (As in only a few blatant liturgical abuses.) But the Diocese is in the middle of some consolidation and it got consolidated with another Parish. The Mass times got moved around and we ended up going to the “gosple” mass. There was this really cute old priest saying mass and the congregation was so rude that one could not even hear Father during transitions bacause people would just talk over him. :mad: I was so upset (and several months pregant) that I hardly made it out of the church before bursting into tears. :rolleyes:

Before we got this new Bishop, the Msgr. stoped the cup, got rid of the holy water, and forbid sign of peace and communion on the tounge. But now all that is renstated, so that might be the work of the new bishop. :shrug: At least I hope so, I have to be here for another 2 years, So I am praying it gets better. :gopray2:


My fiancé is from Saratoga Springs, and he and his family attend St. Clement’s, which is off of Lake Ave. They like the parish, and his mom is very traditionalist, so I’d assume that it’s a good place. I’ve only been to mass up there once, but I enjoyed it. It’s quite a beautiful church as well.


I know the thread is old but just in case you are still on and perhaps it may help others. The most conservative is probably St Joseph’s in Troy. There is also one in Bradford, Vt. These are both Extraordinary form. Mass in Latin, etc. Traditional without a doubt- no outrageous heresies or liturgical practices. I believe both were indults before the Moto Propio. Personally I attend St Joseph’s usually. If you do attend I would recommend going to the luncheon downstairs after Mass. It would be a good chance to form relationships in the parish as many people travel a distance to attend. Then there is St Mary’s in Albany. Pretty conservative from what I hear. They offer the NO in Latin even. After that St Clement’s in Saratoga (though they do have what seems to a number of instruments in the front (not sure if they actually use them for Mass- though I suspect they might at times). There is also a cluster parish in Whitehall and Fort Ann possibly. St Ann I believe is in Fort Ann. I don’t know about the pastor but have heard good things about the assistant priest. I suppose Albany diocese is one of the few where there are “not enough priests” we would have an older and experienced assistant priest not being assigned as a pastor. Welcome to one of the bleaker dioceses in the country. Other than that I have not heard of much from any other parishes. Check out their web sites if they have them for liberal catch phrases or vistit the Church and ask if they have a female administrator over the parish (common in this diocese). These are almost always very liberal as she replaces the pastor for nearly everything except the Sacraments. Some of them don’t even offer Mass on Holy Days of obligation in small rural parishes- at least not listed or mentioned on the answering machines. I have been to Scuylerville. There are some devout souls there but I would not describe the homilies as conducive to orthodoxy and personally avoid it for other reasons. I hope this helps. God bless.


After being in the Syracuse area a little longer, I would suggest the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. :thumbsup: They have a TLM (low mass) on Sundays at 4pm. And a polish Mass if you need that. ;) I haven't actually been to their regular OF mass, but with the pastor saying a TLM, I would guess that the OF would be very reverent as well.

We still attend the Cathedral, got some 'new' priests. Our old parocial vicar got a new assignment in Alaska, and the deacon retired. So we got a part time associate (a Jesuit), an older retired priest, who is pretty cool, and a younger priest who gives really good homilies and does all the baptisms and extra stuff (as well as being the MC for the Bishop).


I am born and raised in Saratoga County NY. There are a few good traditional churches up there, but many are very liberal. The St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Greenwich NY is wonderful. It is cathedral style and very traditional. My mother attends there. I believe there is also a traditional church in Greenfield Center NY, but I have not been there myself as of yet. I hope this helps.

God bless.


Some people don't quite realize but Syracuse is very far from Saratoga/ Malta area. Personally I have attended St Joseph's in Greenwich once. The church is beautiful and traditional. I only attended once but the parish didn't stike me as particularly traditional. St Clemen'ts would be a better choice though sadly it is one of those 60s warehouse style buildings. The parish is orthodox though and the priests seem very sound. I suppose the best way is to visit them to find out to see.


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