Traditional priests and nuns

Just curious, are there any here who feel a calling to be a traditional priest or nun? are there not traditonal Catholic nuns?
i believe there is. Do any of you know the prayer for priests?

i think it goes something like this,

oh Lord grant us holy priests, oh Lord grant us many holy priests.

something to that effect.

also, what is a discalced nun?

If we have any traditional nuns, what order do you belong to?

Traditional Priesthood for me.

I will hopefully enter into formation with the ICRSS in September if all goes well :smiley:

I’m visiting their Seminary in February for a week, by the advice of the Priest of the Institute I’m in Contact with at the moment. I also met Msgr. Wach (the Superior General of the Institute) last week.

All my prayers seem to be being granted, its all falling into place :slight_smile:

Deo Gratias!

:thumbsup: God bless you! I will pray for you. when you are a priest, are you going to come back here so we can call you Father Nick? you might be too busy:) priests are very holy, and they are always busy doing the work they were called to do:) i wish you the best, and will pray for you, and pray that God blesses you abundantly:)

Good luck. :slight_smile:

dis·calced (dĭs-kălst’)

Barefoot or wearing sandals. Used of certain religious orders.
Unshod; barefoot *discalced friars *

I used to attend Mass at a Discalced Carmelite monastary. The priests and nuns always wore sandals.

thank you for clarifying that! :slight_smile:

That’s awesome Nick. :slight_smile: When you get ordained, can you move to my diocese? :wink:


O Lord grant us priests
O Lord grant us priests.

O Lord grant us holy priests
O Lord grant us holy priests

O Lord grant us many holy priests
O Lord grant us many holy priests.

O Lord grant us many holy religious vocations
O Lord grant us many holy religious vocations.

Generally prayed aloud by a congregation with a lead and response.:thumbsup:


We have a prayer group in our diocese to pray for priests and religious vocations.

There is a list of prayers on the website people might be interested in.

I have provided the link below.

We have a Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel and Mondays are set aside to pray specifically for vocations. It’s asked that all Monday committed adorers and drop-ins to pray for vocations.

We also have a Perpetrual Prayer for Priests/Deacons/Seminarians thread. It would be great to have some extra help! :slight_smile:

It was going to Fr John Corapi’s conference in 2005 that inspired me to start this thread…we have more than 24,000 posts going up in prayer.:amen:

Here it is:

You are welcome to join anytime and God bless!:smiley:


I want to be a traditional priest :smiley:

There are traditional nuns, look at the list on the Una Voce International site.

I used to have a lot of prayer for preists and seminarians in my Favourites…but my other computer crashed. This link will be very helpful during my pryaer on the forum! Thank you! :slight_smile:

you will be a priest. a very holy priest:)

Here are some sisters:

Sisters, Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus-

They were “brought about by the Institute of Christ the King, Divine Province.”

Me too! I went with him to London to meet Msgr. Wach, Exactly the same as all that, except I’m going in 18 months.

Hurrah! :smiley:

Nick, Caesar and Ressurexit, all three of you are going to make wondeful priests. I pray for your vocations every day. God bless you all.:slight_smile:

:thumbsup: ----Yes—and may our Lord grant us many,many more.

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