Traditional Priests

Are there any Diocesan Priests who moved to the FSSP/ICRSS? Is that even possible? (I’m not referring to when the FSSP or ICRSS were established, but mean rather nowadays.)

I’m just curious to see if anyone has heard of anything like this. :confused:

We’ve had a couple of visting priests at our FSSP chapel. I am not sure how they got permission to leave their diocese, but they managed. When the first priest visited, he was already in the FSSP. The second priest was in the process of learning the TLM and was assigned to our chapel to learn the ins and outs of the Mass. After about six months, he was reassigned to a FSSP parish as an assistant.

There might be some priest who did it, but I know they are in training for the Latin Mass from those Traditional organizations.


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