Traditional roles- stay at home dads


I’m a single dad and working full time.:hammering:

Someone might be able to tell me but somewhere in the old book we are told that it is important to “Stick To Your Traditions” where is that written and maybe its relevent when it comes to who looks after the kids and who stays at home.


The idea that men go out to work and women stay home and care for kids/make the house started in the 1950/60’s in the USA.

Not sure what old book you are talking about…


There is nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home dad. In general, children do better with Mom near them, especially earlier, but Dad at home is far better than day care. And presumably they do see Mom when she comes home. Homemaking is a career, and some men are better at it than some women.


you’ve never heard the bible refered to as “the old book” ???
I’m pretty sure mum home with the kids has been around since forever.


Or you could just say Bible…
I am a stay at home dad and I love it.
Some traditions are not worth much… like slavery for example, or other things.
I am a very traditional catholic and man but sometimes you just have to do the right thing instead of the tradidional one. Bottom line is whatever is best for your family is great. And having a parent at home is definately best. A majority of the time it is the woman but sometimes it is us men.


I think the quotes in the bible come with much wisdom " stick to your traditions" what could it mean

and there is absolutely nothing wrong with stay at home dads


Agree…further, it’s IDEAL for one parent to be home with the kids, if possible. But, I have the utmost respect for men who stay at home with their kids, if that is what is best for the family financially, etc…just as I do women who do it. Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:


I see nothing wrong with a man staying home with his kids… a parent is the best caretaker of their own kid. I think it is important for both spouses to be really honest with each other if feelings of resentment or belittled masculinity start popping up. Also, the wife has to understand that being a bread winner is a part of a man’s ego, so he may need to take charge and assert his provider-ship in other ways and outlets. As long as you are cooperative and honest and creative…I think a family can be very happy this way. I think you fall into trouble when you ignore the potential issues that can pop up and act like they don’t exist because you want to be politically correct.


I think stay at home dads is fantastic!! :smiley: It helps so much financially because there is no need for babysitter, and kids get to have a closer connection with DAD!! :slight_smile: I respect and admire sahm and sahd!! :smiley: Congrats to all!! Let me tell you that’s a 24/7 job and it doesn’t end when the other parent gets home!! hehehe!!


Anthropologically speaking (Meaning I get to use my degree!!!) The “traditional” roles went something like this:

Man = hunter. The men go out and hunt and it is feast or famine time. No preservatives save salt and no refrigeration meant that when the guys brought home a mammoth, giraffe, hippo, etc. everyone eats REALLY well for several days until the meat spoils.

Woman = gatherer. Women were the sustaining workers of the population. Most tribes moved not so much to follow big game but to follow the season availability of vegetation.

Therefore during the non hunting times, men stayed home and watched the kids and generally made themselves useful however they could while the women went out to gather berries and tubers when times were good, or grass seed when times were REALLY bad.

During the hunting times, the women took children with them as they gathered. Men were out hunting and bringing back the goods.

The taking care of the children was generally done by the least busy party related to the hunting seasons.

It was only with the rise of farming and herding that we start to see defined gender roles come into play and these vary by area though most were of the men go and women stay varieties.

Organized “taboos” about women going out and/or men staying home didn’t truly arrive until the end of the first big industrial boom when laws were enacted to limit the amount of work that could be done by women and children.

These became more entrenched in western culture starting in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s when the economy was booming and we reached a point (a fairly unique point actually) where a family of four could be provided for by one worker.

Combining these economic gains with the cultural mindset of the returning military men who were not able to handle the idea of being the ‘kept man’ of Rosie the Riveter and we see the deepening of the cultural mores of a male dominated society as can be demonstrated simply by watching the indoctrinating propaganda (err - Television entertainment) of the era which stridently defined the roles of both men and women into the weak female/strong male roles even to the point of slightly
misogynistic behaviors (one of these day Alice , POW, to the moon)

The rise of the strong male image and the acceptance of understated misogynistic behavior was also, not coincidentally, equated with the rise of neo-Puritanism and the rise of fundamental protestantism, but that is a rant for another time.


A historian right in our midst! :smiley: I appreciate you sharing this with us! This is interesting.*


Except for the Amazons, which were fake/real?


Amazons were a pseudo mythical race who may or may not have existed. I seem to recall reading in Herodotus (I think) that the Sarmatians were supposedly descended from the Amazons and rode into battle with the men. I think this was the same culture that required a kill before a man or woman could be wedded. Being an almost exclusively warrior culture many of the peoples of the central asian steppes were quite different than other “normal” cultures. Many also practiced polyandry as well. Even today I believe that there are some surviving tribes in the Nepal/Tibet region that still practice Polyandry and are quite the exception in a world where many cultures allow polygyny but not polyandry or true polygamy.


this has got way off track.

women are nurturers they have natural instincts to nurture children. Multitasking warm cuddles breast feeding a womb. they are amazing wonderful god given creatures.
I’m a single dad looking after four children and I can tell you I can be a great dad but I can’t be a mother. No matter how much I try.

I can play with them I can nurture them to best of my ability but in the end I don’t have a mothers touch.

There is no place higher than dads shoulders and no place warmer than Moms lap if you know what I mean.


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