Traditional Roman Breviary

Well I found a really nice edition of the Roman Breviary online - one that is far better than those provided at Google Books. The only problem is that downloading them takes a while, and that it used 100% of my CPU to download it (the CPU usage was divided between Firefox and Adobe Acrobat). So far I’ve downloaded 3 out of 4 and I’m pretty happy. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Here’s the link.


I love that site! :thumbsup: So much good stuff…

The breviary though is not exactly like the Traditional breviary in use now. Some feasts are on different days, the psalter is different and some other stuff. But one thing I really like is its got a lot of feasts - an appendix for calendar of the Roman clerics - and also the Votive Offices of Leo XIII.

If you compare that version and the one on Google books, tiring though it is, you can find some interesting differences


Nice blog, like that title , keep it up…


Whose - his or mine… :wink:


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