Traditional Roman Latin Mass vs Post Vatican II Mass

I just feel there is something sacred about the Latin Mass. I’ve only been a few times, but I am beginning to appreciate it. After going to a Traditional Latin Mass my regular parish mass seemed very different. I felt it was kind of awkward to have the priest facing me as he prayed over the alter, and I really began to notice that people touch the Body during the Eucharist as opposed to the priest only. For the first time I didn’t touch the body like I was taught when I received my first Communion.

Do you think we should go back to Traditional Latin Mass?

Do you favor one Mass over the other?

Actually, my preference would be for it to be a Tridentine Mass
in the vernacular. Latin does nothing for me. That being said,
it is up to the Parish… anyone who wants to petition their fellow
parishoners to ask the Pastor for the Latin Rite may do so.
There is a process for this. Perhaps someone else may post it.

Here is a handy website for those seeking the Latin Mass,
categorized by state:

Both the OF and EF are available, along with the Anglican Ordinate form and the Divine Liturgy, so there is no need to go “back to” anything. I think we should go forth with the options we have and not suggest that one form is better than the other when it comes to the Universal Church (and doing so is against forum rules). Individuals should seek out the form they prefer, as it suits their spirituality.

You should be aware that pitting one form of the Mass against another is forbidden on these forums. The title alone could be construed as already doing that and a thread of this kind is likely to descend into just that, so just a heads-up.

That’s what I was thinking…

I prefer the Traditional Latin Mass. I’m not saying one is superior to the other.


And both can be said in Latin, for those like me who don’t find liturgy in everyday language like English all that spiritually satisfying.

I prefer the Traditional Roman Latin Mass but I attend Post Vatty 2 Mass most often. Both are great!!!

I attend the Traditional Latin Mass, and have always favored it over the Novus Ordo personally. However, I have nothing against the Novus Ordo, and attend it whenever the occasion requires it.

I would be in favor of a Traditional Mass done in the vernacular, but I feel that Latin gives a sense of mystery to the Mass.

There is no problem of understanding the Mass, as the attendants can read the English in small paper missals, given in the Church.

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