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Hi guys,

I need your help. A few months back I remember finding a link on CA with some info one a fairly new traditional community that was started in Florida. I am not sure if it was a traditionalist community or not (I think they might even be with SSPV - I know they’re not in communion with the Church) but I was trying to look at something on their site but for the life of me I cannot go back to it.

Can anyone help? they are somewhere near St. Pete/Tampa area I believe and are contemplative-active with an education Apostolate.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Is this the community? They are very orthodox and run by FSSP (which is not wacko-schismatic traditionalist) with TLM. Also there is Ave Maria University in Naples, Fl ( which is very orthodox and has both TLM, novus ordo Latin, and novus ordo English. I live there:thumbsup:


Hi Totus,

Thanks for the help. However, that is not it; the link I had found actually led to a community of religious women, it is nearly founded. It's good to know about the FSSP presence though.:)


I found a religious community you may be talking about(WARNING: this link takes you to a website of an order not in communion with Holy Mother Church):

Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas
Brooksville, FL


Thank you! this is them. I was trying to find out if they were SSPX or SSPV or something else. I am getting mixed info on the SSPX - some report that they are not in communion and others report that the excommunication has been lifted.

Any info?


They are most definitely SSPX, as the seminary they are connected to (Most Holy Trinity in Brooksville) is also SSPX. The Society is not in communion with Rome at the moment, but the Holy Father is in talks to bring them back to the Church. They still have invalid liturgy, so one cannot go there to receive Communion or Confession or other Sacraments until the Holy Father lifts the ban on SSPX churches. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


A word of clarification on the SSPX Mass-they are ‘valid’ but ‘illicit’. Big difference.

My hope and my prayer is that the talks between the Holy See and the SSPX will bear fruit, and that the Society will be reunited with the Church.


That is what I meant at the time, but I couldn’t think of the word. It was late, and I was tired. LOL! :smiley:


Hey, that’s OK…that’s why we help each other, right? :slight_smile:

And I like your Father Corapi quote in your ‘signature’-I can just hear his voice rumbling as he says, ‘And your Mama wears combat boots’!



What you seek is probably the Most Holy Trinity Seminary just outside Tampa, FL. Any search engine should take you there.

E cum Deo

dr. Timothy White


[quote="drtwhite, post:11, topic:211939"]
They are most definitely SSPX, as the seminary they are connected to (Most Holy Trinity in Brooksville) is also SSPX.


Most Holy Trinity is not SSPX. MHT is far more radical and apparently sedevacantist; their home page declares "the modernist hierarchy as heretics stripped of authority". They are associated with former members of the SSPX, however, and their bishop Dolan was educated at Econe.

The SSPX seminary in the USA is in Winona, Minnesota; St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary.


They’re something else, though they have roots in the SSPX and SSPV. They are associated with bishop Dolan, who was one of nine priests expelled from the SSPX by Lefebvre. These went on to form the more radical SSPV; Dolan and others split off from the SSPV. Dolan was consecrated a bishop in a succession established by Thục, who consecrated for various sedevacantist splinter groups.

I’d be a bit careful with Most Holy Trinity Seminary.


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