Traditional vs Contemporary??

I was out this morning doing some errands, and I drove past a rather large church in the town next to mine. It is a Church of Christ Free Evangelical ( I think).

They had a huge sign for their two services on sunday one had a large banner that said: “Traditional 8 am” and another “Contemporary 11 am”

Can someone explain what the difference in these two church services would be and why they have different ones on the same Sunday?

It has more to do with music and praise style than anything else. A “traditional” service in this context would invlove turning to the hymns in a hymnal and no charismatic-type activities. The contemporary service would probably involve praise songs, overhead projection of short lyrics repeatedly sung and raising of hands. This is only a generalization, of course.

I would guess (you’d have to ask that church), that the difference between traditional and contemporay is the music.

Organ music, hymns, latin songs, etc.


Accoustic guitar, modern instruments and modern songs.

I think many churches do this to appeal to older / younger audiences. Older folks prefer the “traditional” themes and younger folks like more modern feel to the music. I guess it’s a good idea to get young people energized although many people would argue that the traditional style is more “authentic”.

Personally, I think if it gets people in the door worshipping the Lord and paying attention, it’s good. After all, few churches use Harps anymore.


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