Traditionalists: The Most Faithful to Sacrosanctum Concillium?

Great article on Dr Phillip Blosser’s blog.

When, however, the Mass is received as a Divine “given” (which is clearly the case among traditionalists), there follows the impulse not to treat it as a perpetually protean Mr. Potato Head but as an enthralling riddle from a caring and wise God, one that is to be delved into and delighted in.

[quote=]Still, as the medieval schoolmen used to say, abusus non tollit usum – the abuse does not take away the use. If the “active participation” of Vatican II, Guéranger, Pius X and we should add, Pius XII, has been hijacked, then the solution is not to abandon it to the kidnappers but to take it back by doing it right.



I read this in Latin Mass magazine (which I highly recommend) and found it to be most excellent, indeed.

That article had some great insights into the purpose behind so many of the traditions of the Tridentine Latin Mass.

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