TraditionalMuslims – Changing them from Violent to Peaceful


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The world has become like a global village, if peace is disturbed in one part of the world, the other part also gets disturbed. Muhammad was a peaceful Prophet Messenger as were Krishna, Moses and Jesus. Muhammad was worried about his followers that they would become violent in their beliefs, so from a Word from God he Prophesized that when his successor in the end of times by the title names PromisedMessiah ImamMahdi would come he would abolish religious wars altogether.

I quote here his words from Hadith:

“Abu Hurairah narrated from the Prophet Muhammad SAW that he said:
"I swear by Him in whose hands rests my life or death that you would definitely witness advent of the Ibne Maryam (Son of Mary); a truthful judge (among faiths/religions), he would break the Cross (with arguments) and kill the swine and suspend the war ( with the non-Muslims for religious conversion)…” Unquote
(Bukhari Kitabul Anbeya, Bab Nazul-e Essa Ibne Maryam)

Now that Ibne Maryam, the PromisedMessiah ImamMahdi 1835-1908 has come and he has suspended War with non-Muslims for religious conversion as prophesized by Muhammad, the traditional Muslims should obey the commandment given to Muslims by Prophet Muhammad Khatamun Nabiyyeen as stated above, and refrain from suicidal attacks, thereby killing innocent children, women and elderly people not allowed by Islam/Quran, and adopt only peaceful means to establish their view point.

Do they want to be rebellious against Muhammad?



Easy - just convert them from Islam to Buddhism.




I never said that Muslims are not practicing it; they are doing it witout any origin that could be traced in teachings of Muhammad/Quran/Islam and that is because of certain wrong concepts of theirs.



The violence is in the Koran and the Hadith.

You just don’t recognise that the peaceful verses of the Koran were abrogated… based as it is on a ‘prophet’ you believe in, that Moslems don’t believe in - as they believe Muhammed was the last prophet.

In effect your faith comes along, tells Moslems they’re all wrong.



I never said that Muhammad was not Khatamun Nabiyyeen, he was the Seal of the Prophets and Last Prophet with a Law, no doubt about it. He was the highest Prophet in status, and Mirza Ghulam Ahamd being PromisedMessiahImamMahdi, is just his Caliph or Successor or a Servant, with no new Law or Sunnah/practice.


The Word of GodAllahYHWH is and had been the first/authentic and primary source of human knowledge whether revealed on Moses/Buddha/Jesus/Muhammad or Mirza Ghulam Ahmad; it is of itself complete and without doubt and requires no external witnessing.




The PromisedMessiahImamMahdi 1835-1908 was endowed with a Prophetic Eye by GodAllahYHWH. He wrote a book titled “Jesus in India” in which he noted violence that would spread in the whole world; worried as he was he wrote as to how to eradicate it.
I would like to give excerpts from the preface of his above referred book, where he has discussed it.

"I have written this book, so that, by adducing proofs from established facts, from conclusive historical evidence of proved value and from ancient documents of non-Muslims, I might remove the serious misconceptions which are current among Muslims and among most Christian sects regarding the earlier and the later life of Jesus (on whom be peace) - misconceptions, the dangerous implications of which have not only injured and destroyed the conception of Divine Unity, but the unwholesome and poisonous influence of which has for long been noticed in the morals of the Muslims of this country.

Spiritual maladies, i.e., want of good morals, evil thoughts, callousness, want of sympathy, are spreading among most Islamic sects, being the result of beliefs in unfounded stories and anecdotes of this kind. Human sympathy, pity and love of justice, humility and humble-mindedness - all good qualities - are disappearing day by day, as if they will soon bid a last farewell to this community. This callousness and this immorality make many a Muslim appear no better than the beasts of the jungle. A Jain or a Buddhist is afraid of and avoids killing even a mosquito or a flea, but, alas! there are many among us Muslims who, while they kill an innocent man or commit wanton murder, are not afraid of the powerful God, who rates human life higher than that of all the animals.

What is this callousness and cruelty and want of sympathy due to? It is due to this - that from their very childhood, stories and anecdotes and wrong views of the doctrine of Jihad are dinned into their ears and inculcated into their hearts, the result being that gradually they become morally dead and cease to feel the heinousness of their hateful actions; nay, rather, the man who murders another man unawares and thus brings ruin to the murdered man’s family thinks that he has done a meritorious deed; or rather, that he has made the most of an opportunity to win favour with his community.

As no lectures or sermons are delivered in our country to stop such evils - and if there are any such lectures they have an element of hypocrisy in them - the common people think approvingly of such misdeeds. Accordingly, taking pity upon my own people, I have compiled several books in Urdu, Persian and Arabic, in which I have stated that the popular view of Jihad prevalent among Muslims, that is, the expectation of a bloody Imam, full of spite and hostility for other people, is a texture of false beliefs inculcated by shortsighted Ulema; otherwise, Islam does not allow the use of the sword for the Faith; except in the case of defensive wars, or in the case of wars waged to punish a tyrant or to uphold freedom.

The need of a defensive war arises when the aggression of an adversary threatens one’s own life. These are the three kinds of Jihad permitted by the Shariat, and, apart from these three kinds, there is no other kind of war which is permitted by Islam for the propagation of the Faith. I have, in short, spent a large sum of money on such books, and have published them in this country and in Arabia and Syria and Khurasan, etc. But, by the grace of God, I have now discovered powerful arguments which are meant to eradicate these unfounded beliefs from the hearts of the people.

I have clear proofs, circumstantial evidence of a conclusive character, and historical evidence the light of whose truth holds out the promise that soon after their publication there will be brought about against such beliefs a wonderful change in the hearts of the Muslims. And I hope - I am sure - that after these truths have been comprehended, there will flow out of the hearts of the righteous sons of Islam the sweet and beautiful springs of lowliness, humility and mercy, and that there will come about a spiritual change which will have a wholesome and a blessed influence on the country.”



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