Traditions of Mary and Veronicia in the stations of the cross


I can’t find Mary comforting Jesus or Veronicia wipping the face of Jesus on the way to Calvary in Holy scripture and I’m told it is part of sacred tradition. My question is what or how does sacred tradition base this belief upon? I think this is such a beautiful story and it edifies my faith in the BLESSED MOTHER . Where does this story originate and is it factually true?


The story of Veronica and her veil does not occur in the Bible, though the apocryphal “Acts of Pilate” gives the name “Veronica” to the woman with the hemorrhage who was cured by touching the hem of Jesus’ cloak. The legend holds that Jesus rewarded Veronica’s charity in wiping the sweat from his brow by imprinting his image into the cloth. Some have suggested the incident may be based on the Shroud of Turin, noting that “Veronica” is a combination of Latin and Greek words meaning “true image.” Nonetheless, the story has been a part of popular Christian culture for centuries.

The name Veronica is Hebrew for “true face” and refers to the story that after a woman used her veil to wipe away the blood on Christ’s face during his carrying of the cross, her veil was imprinted with Christ’s image.

By giving the woman a name that symbolizes the story, the early Christians may have been giving a clue that this was a well-known story but that the person who assisted Christ was unknown. It would be similar to a hospital referring to an unknown accident victim as “John Doe,” a well-known medical pseudonym. The person exists but the hospital assigned him a generic identity until his true identity could be ascertained. In the same way, it is possible that an unknown woman gave practical assistance to Jesus during his journey to Calvary. The first Christians may have known only what she did, not who she was, and so assigned her a name that reflected the story of her encounter with Christ.


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