Trafficking, forced labor, slavery "hugely profitable," U.N. warns


GENEVA - Trafficking, forced labor and modern slavery are big business generating profits estimated at $150 billion a year, the U.N. labor agency said Tuesday.

The report by the International Labor Organization finds global profits from involuntary workers - an estimated 21 million of them - have more than tripled over the past decade from its estimate of at least $44 billion in 2005.

ILO Director Guy Ryder said his agency’s report Tuesday calls attention to the need “to eradicate this fundamentally evil, but hugely profitable practice as soon as possible.”

Two-thirds of the profits come from sexual exploitation, it says, and one third is the result of “forced economic exploitation” that includes domestic and agricultural workers.

With poorer and less-educated people more vulnerable to exploitation, Ryder said his agency “for the first time provides solid evidence for a correlation between forced labor and poverty” by taking a look at both the supply and demand for workers.

“We need to strengthen social protection floors to prevent households from sliding into the poverty that pushes people into forced labor,” he said. "We need to improve levels of education and literacy so that household decision-makers can understand their own vulnerability to forced labor and know their rights as workers.

It says 55 percent of the victims are women and girls, primarily in commercial sexual exploitation and domestic work, while men and boys were primarily in forced economic exploitation in agriculture, construction and mining.

How can people be happy knowing these types of things are going on in the world?


Every time we eat at one of the Chinese restaurants in town, I can’t help but wonder how many of those smiling girls were brought to this country in cargo containers and are working day and night to pay off their passage. It does happen.


In other news, the sun rises in the east notes an incredulous U.N.!:eek:

If those things were not profitable, they wouldn’t exist.

Doesn’t the UN have anything better to do than to state the obvious?

Oh, wait. They don’t.

Never mind!:wink:




Are you happy, Robert, or are you seriously depressed because evil exists in this world?




The UN has apparently stumbled onto a closely held secret. I wonder when they will trip over the history book that describes how western civilization is attributable to Christianity? :rolleyes:


Not to justify their exploitation but many are happy to make it to America on any terms. May of our own European ancestors suffered discrimination and exploitation or wound up owing their souls to the company store.

I recently saw a stiry in the NY Times about the death of a woman who brought in many illegal Chinese immigrants – she was beloved in the community becuase she helped them find jobs and often partially forgave debts for those in bad circumstances.

I’m more concerned for women forced into the sex trade. Apparently many are lured from E. Europe to countries to W. Europe where prostitution is legal.


Nice “study”. Does the wise and concerned UN offer a resolution to this problem? Didn’t think so. They only point out what is wrong with the world but have no solution to help fix the problems. :stuck_out_tongue:


So, the UN releases another “report” about something that everybody already knew, and then proceeds to not offer a solution for it. Just another day at the UN.


Maybe they should put the names of all the companies that use these types of workers, in newspapers or online, so everyone could see which companies are involved in this?

This is similar to everyone upset about telemarketers, no one likes getting those calls and people go to great lengths to avoid them, but people should really be upset with the companies that have hired the telemarketers to do this…Ive always thought it would be good for all telemarketers to have to tell everyone who they are calling on behalf on with each call…I think this would stop alot of telemarketing.

After all, its the US companies that are hiring and benefiting from this work force, Just look at Home Depot or Lowes, go to ANY local stores, and you will see at least a few immigrants standing around, they are waiting for work from contractors that come in frequently, this happens all over the country, and your telling me Home Depot is somehow not involved or knows about this…PLEASE! LOL

I wonder how many contractors would whine and cry if they came into Home depot one day only to find ZERO workers that are willing to work for pennies on the hour? LOL


Unfortunately it is hugely profitable to the criminals. However, it is also extremely damaging to society and especially to children and others forced into these disgusting criminal organizations.

That said, I wonder what exactly can be done to stop or reduce it? Can they freeze bank accounts associated with those who are running such organizations? I mean I am sure they can be arrested but I have to wonder whether or not its difficult to find those who run these criminal organizations. I have to imagine that they probably hide a lot to avoid detection.

That said, didn’t the USCCB have something to do with a charity which was involved in preventing trafficking but something happened with the government wherein they wouldn’t get grants or something because the organization refused to refer them to or provide abortions and contraception for those who were raped? I can only vaguely remember reading about this so I apologize if I got some details wrong.


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