Train derails, carriages fall into ravine

At least six carriages of a Pakistani passenger train that may have been carrying up to 400 passengers derailed on Sunday and plunged into a ravine, a railways minister said, but he had no word on casualties.

The accident happened near the central town of Jhelum and involved a train travelling from Rawalpindi, a city adjoining the capital Islamabad, to the eastern city of Lahore, Ishaq Khakwani, the junior minister for railways, told Reuters.

He said at least six carriages plunged 50-100 feet (15-30 metres) down a ravine. “We are gathering information, but our initial information says six carriages have derailed,” he said.

Six bogies of a Lahore-bound train derailed near Domeli village, Jhelum, on Sunday evening and plunged into a 15-metre-deep gorge. Several passengers are feared dead and many more injured.

Maj Gen Shaukat Sultan, Pakistan Army spokesman, said four people were killed and up to 40 were injured in the accident. He also said more deaths and injuries were expected. Officials said the rest of the passengers had been rescued.

Islamabad Express 108-Down left Rawalpindi for Lahore with about 600 passengers at about 6:00pm. Six of the train’s nine bogies got derailed and plunged into a 15-metre-deep gorge near Domeli village at about 7:15pm. Only the train’s engine and two other bogies were left on the railway track.

There has been no independent verification of the number of casualties.

Sabotage to a rail track caused part of a packed express train to derail and crash into a ravine in eastern Pakistan, killing at least three people and injuring more than 40, officials said Monday. The Islamabad Express, with up to 600 people on board, derailed about 7:30 p.m. on Sunday near the village of Domeli. Several cars toppled off the track and one tumbled 100 meters (yards) to the bottom of a gorge.

Ishaq Khakwani, minister for state for railways, said that a section of track had “deliberately been damaged” by unknown men – before the train passed on its run from Rawalpindi to Lahore.Tools apparently used for the job were left at the scene. A senior security official told The Associated Press that plates which connect the rail lines to planks beneath had been removed.

I will pray for the victims. I hope they catch and punish whoever did this.

Even if we have global warming, there is no proof it is man made. We have had ice ages and warming of the planet since the begining of time.

[quote=Lance]Even if we have global warming, there is no proof it is man made. We have had ice ages and warming of the planet since the begining of time.

Sorry I posted this in the wrong thread.

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