Trainee Catholic priests could face social media penance over Grindr ‘goings on’

This news story ttakes place in Ireland.

[Archbishop of Dublin] Dr Martin, the most senior Catholic cleric south of the border, disclosed that he had decided to send students from Dublin – the largest diocese in Ireland – to Rome for priestly formation, rather than to Maynooth just a short drive from the capital.

Pressed on what his concerns were he told RTE Radio: “One is that there is a homosexual, a gay culture; that students have been using an app called Grindr, which is a gay dating app.

“[That] would be inappropriate for seminarians, not just because they are trained to be celibate priests but because an app like that is something which would be fostering promiscuous sexuality, which is certainly not in any way the mature vision of sexuality one would expect a priest to understand.”

His remarks prompted the college trustees, including senior clerics, to hold crisis talks.

It is a shame that this situation developed, but it sounds as if things will be changed.

No wonder Mass attendance is down in Ireland.

The seminarians there are trolling gay hookup sites? Heaven help our Church. :frowning:

I don’t mean to be facetious or anything, but don’t they have the internet in Rome? If someone wants to meet thru Grindr, I’m sure they can change the location settings pretty easily.

Is the seminary in Rome stricter than the one in Ireland? Is that the reason for sending them away? I remember from my childhood, if someone was always acting out, he got threatened with being sent off to Military School. Perhaps it’s the same principle. (And on a side note here, perhaps Donald Trump’s military school days were more than just finding him a good boarding school.)

Posted this earlier but it has vanished.

There was a thread some weeks ago when the scandal broke and am glad to see there has been at least more peacable discussion as then they left Archbishop Diarmud Martin very isolated. NB he is not the most senior cleric;that is the Primate who is also Archbishop Martin…

Many here including some seminarians who blew the whistle and were dismissed, knew how bad things were there. Two of them are now also talking with the Gardai re being sexually abused there.

All our bishops were of course trained there. This may well finish Maynooth

Another issue that we need to pray over.

Continuous daily praying.

Every moment.

Nothing on television anyway.

If one is living in Ireland (as I am) and loves the Church, it has been clear for many years that a very unhealthy atmosphere has long developed at Maynooth.

This includes a whole subculture of not only this Grindr travesty, but a general disobedience and even hostility to the Church’s tradition, which can be seen everywhere amongst both staff and seminarians.

This move seems is about breaking up that subculture and is a great Grace from God as well as credit to those who have had the courage to speak out.

Amen to this. Archbishop Martin was a brave soul to expose this but that is how he has been here. A lone voice crying in the wilderness … God bless him. It cannot have been easy and the initial reaction was totally hostile to him.

ACP have a lot to answer for, fostering hostility. Yes, priests. Association of Catholic Priests.

A second statement has just come out

So few entrants; 14. And they have to be monitored like this?

I don’t think this is anything new. I seem to remember reading that St. Bernard of Clairvaux had to clean up the monasteries about 1000AD because the monks were having gay sex with each other (among other problems).


Oh dear. Well, it’s a meet up app for gay men. I guess you’re not from San Francisco. It’s pretty commonly used.


Indeed. Irish priests, accounting, I think for something like 20% of those in the country. (Something like 800 out of 4000, if memory serves.)

We face a very serious situation here in Ireland. I don’t know what is to be done … but I think posting threads like this, Rosebud77, where they will be seen not only by Irish but by Irish Americans etc helps.

Somehow, I feel faithful American Catholics can help the Irish Church at this time (as they are already doing with all the great American Catholic media that comes over here now).

Somewhere I saw something about Cardinal Dolan visiting Maynooth several years ago and being in tears at what seminarians told him …

If only I could remember where I saw this.

Thank you
Please keep an eye on out two Irish news sites. breakingnews,ie and, Both under Irish news,

There seem to be new items almost hourly today; now the seminarians will have to eat breakfast and evening meal in college and eat with staff … Seems they are really trying to get it back together. the site has some excellent reflections etc today

Not sure how widely known this is either. The Uk and Irish OFM Franciscans joined forces a while back, and the Postulancy is here in KIllarney, Then they go to the US for their Novitiate. I meet the postulants occasionally.

It may be too late to save this Order. The only way they have kept eg Rossnowlagh open is by making their priests available to the diocese for mass and confession but they are so few now and old, I lived many years near Rossnowlagh and am still in touch with “my” priest there.

A time of change here indeed.

A good start would be kicking the homosexuals out of the seminary!

I don’t see how shipping the problems to Rome is going to change any hearts. These seminarians are in open rebellion against God.

Mary McAleese has an opinion on all this…

and a fuller version

We Are Church Ireland is another splinter group like ACP

The second report also mentions the seminarians having to eat in hall and astoundingly that the 9 pm rosary is now obligatory for the first time. Almost unbelievable.

The flap in Ireland is a few decades behind the one in the US. Some time after the John Jay Report came out, there were open questions and guesses as to how many priests had SSA. Guesses ranged from 10% to 80%. One of the seminaries had been nick named the “purple palace” and there was a great deal of scandal about it. Several decades later, it seems to have died out as a topic.

It is not for no reason that Pope Benedict set down the rule about ordaining homosexual men.

For your lst statement, I agree.

However, who is it that is going to do the “kicking out”? Think about that question for a couple of heartbeats or so, and I think you will understand what I am asking…

Any test that would be relied on is going to be standardized. And any test which is standardized can be subject to being gamed.

From the Irish Times: “Mary McAleese says Maynooth should be ‘gay-friendly: Former president says church’s attitude to homosexuality is damaging to young gay men”

The current controversy about a gay culture at Maynooth is misplaced and the church authorities should be focusing on why so few young people are seeking to join the priesthood rather than seeking to make seminaries gay-unfriendly places, according to former president Mary McAleese.

Dr McAleese said that she found the focus on whether there is a gay culture at Maynooth worrying but she traced it to the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality with which she profoundly disagreed and which did nothing to make gay people feel welcome within the church.

“We have the phenomenon of men in the priesthood who are both heterosexual and homosexual but the church hasn’t been able to come to terms with the fact that there are going to be homosexuals in the priesthood, homosexuals who are fine priests,” said Dr McAleese.

And what Mary has not come to terms with is the sexual abuse over decades, within the United States, by homosexual priests, of young men.

Granted that the abuse cases I refer to were in the United States, I kinda doubt that human nature is all that different in Ireland, brogue or no brogue.

Yes, there might be a problem in the Church about that old fashioned term - sin. Sin, however, is not isolated to gay men - or gay women; St Paul tells us it is fairly universal. Meaning, of course, that heterosexual men and women have a problem with sin also.

Mary has a problem not with the Church, but with admitting that people sin; I suspect that butter would not melt in her mouth, and she has a lurking fear that using that old fashioned word might not only melt butter, but cause it to curdle in her mouth.

But then, she is not all that much different from other cultural Catholics who want to deny what the Bible says, what the Church has had to say for the last +/- 2,000 years, and what any person who is self honest will admit - we all sin.

It would appear that she equates sexual behavior amongst and between homosexuals either as a mistake, or a God-given right (or maybe it is only a constitutional right - she doesn’t seem to elucidate on the matter). And certainly the same applies to heterosexuals, as apparently marriage is simply a piece of paper and an antique cultural and social party.

Last time I checked, wearing a polka dot tie with a striped shirt was a good definition of a mistake. And sex outside of marriage was a sin; and not to make too fine a point of it, marriage was a covenant relationship between a man and a woman.

How totally outre to suggest, as Pope Benedict did, that homosexual men should not be admitted to the priesthood.

Liberals run on emotion; when the facts contradict the emotion, hike up the emotional content; never mind the facts.

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