Trainee priests housed in containers (Austria)

**Trainee priests housed in containers

So many men are eager to prepare for the priesthood at Heiligenkreuz Abbey in Lower Austria that they are having to be housed in temporary blue container units in the garden.**

With the theological college bursting at the seams it has installed 12 of the containers, which are small and not very attractive but are reportedly quite comfortable.

The number of applicants wishing to take a theology diploma has quadrupled in 15 years, from 62 to 242.

Currently the abbey is home to 37 seminarians, many of whom are “late bloomers” for the priesthood, with backgrounds as psychologists, teachers, civil servants, nurses, craftsmen and even a former Swiss Guard, according to the Archdiocese of Vienna.

The majority are from German-speaking countries, with nine coming from India, Nigeria, Ukraine and Vietnam. They are between 20 and 52-years-old.

The abbey only has 28 student rooms and no immediate plans to expand.

An interesting twist. I think these kinds of “living containers” are being used more and more for various purposes. I wonder how they do when the snow and cold temperatures come.

Wow. I wonder if any of them would like to move to the UK? We are short of priests and I am sure that we have space for them inside buildings with heating and plumbing :smiley:

That looks more like a train.

They don’t look like containers.


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