Trainer Killed at SeaWorld's Shamu Stadium After Whale Attack

In Eden n.s.w Australia killer whales would help whalers hunt other whales. When there was a whale swimming around on it’s own they would herd the helpless whale into the bay. So it would be easier for the whalers to catch. Sometimes early in the morning or during the day when the whalers weren’t out, the Killers would start the attack. Say if the Killers where swimming around out in the ocean and there was a good whale to catch, and the whalers weren’t there to get it, the Killers pod would split. Half the whales would go to the whaling station and slap their tails on the surface of the water; this was a signal to the whalers that there was something going on (like an attack). Then the Killers would wait for the whalers to get ready and tow them or lead them to the other half of the Killers pod. The other half would have already started the slow process of the killing of the whale. Once the whale has been harpooned, the Killers would help speed up the whale’s death. The Killers would swim all around it; swimming over the top of the whale stopped it from going to the surface to take a breath, and swimming underneath the whale stopped it from diving deeper. Some of the Killers would throw their bodies over the whale’s blowhole to stop it from breathing. After the whale was dead. The whalerswould leave the whale over night. for the killer whales. The killer whales would feast only on the tounge and lips. Leaving the rest for the whalers. This was going on from the early 1900’s. There are also stories of killer whales helping aboriginals catch larger whales.

This is a sad story. Poor woman.

I wonder if the whale can actually be reintroduced to the ocean. He doesn’t have a pod, would he be considered an outsider to another pod?

Also, as I heard in the past, they don’t do this in the wild.

That’s pretty awesome!

That’s because in the wild they have other things to catch. In a tank we are the only things they can catch. An animal can not fight it’s instinct to hunt, it’s ingrained in them.

It doesn’t help that trainers in wet suits look kind of like sea lions. I feel bad for this trainer. The radio today said that the trainer was inspired to become one after seeing a moving Sea World performance when she was nine. She looked at her mom and said “that’s what I’m going to do someday”.

I’ve seen Sea World’s Shamu show before in Orlando and San Antonio, and they really are impressive shows. It’s amazing to sea a huge whale performing the kinds of tricks that are usually done by dolphins. Unfortunately, I don’t think they belong in those tanks. It’s cruel to keep them confined in such a small environment. I hope this will cause a debate that will end the practice of keeping whales and orcas in confinement to perform tricks. It’s cruel for the whales and dangerous for the trainers and fans (some of whom are selected to come up to the water’s edge to pet the killer whales or feed them) Unfortunately, Shamu is the star performer and mascot for Sea World. They would lose a lot of money if they dissolved the killer whale shows. For that reason, I think they will resist any calls to stop keeping orcas in captivity.

Do you think so? That’s interesting.

In the wild I guess they are intelligent enough to know we aren’t food. But, I’m not sure he was “hunting” in this case. Maybe he was relating to her as another whale. Maybe he was annoyed with her, and try to show it.

Elephants have attacked their trainers in the past. I think they are herbivores, so they wouldn’t be hunting.

Who knows why? but they are so large, things like this seem inevitable, unfortunately.

According to the beginning of this thread and another article that I read, this same whale killed another trainer in 1991 and then as previous mentioned, a man climb in into the tank later and was found dead in 2001. So when he wasn’t performing and agitated, why not just end the show.

I think what happens is that some of these trainers come to view them as humans and think that if they are kind and loving to them, they will respond in a like manner. Humans don’t always do that but somehow some trainers think that animals do.

A woman is dead! And you are praying the whale will be able to feed itself in the wild?

P.S. I really wish we defended the unborn as passionately as we defend these animals.

I read the whole thread. I didn’t see any prayers for the whale? Did I miss something?

i did include a prayer for the whale along with prayers for the trainer’s family and friends, but my first post didn’t go through so maybe it was in that post and i forgot to put it in the second. i can’t blame the whale. he is an animal that has been kept in captivity maybe all of his life. i don’t know what his history is. i think i am beginning to believe that these animals in these shows or circuses should not be exploited for the entertainment of humans.

All I’m saying is if we are going to try to defend this whale* so* passionately, we might as well get our backsides on the abortion threads; we would love your participation. Shamu will survive. :slight_smile:

God Bless

Obviously I’m not an expert but that would be my guess. Than again they do have the tendency to play with their food the same way that cats play with mice. The show we saw on them showed that after the killer whales ate their fill of sea lions they would catch one and play with it until they where tired. Once they tired of their game they released the sea lion unharmed. I’m sure the sea lion didn’t think it was a very fun game.

I have prayed for the woman, her family, and all of those killed by the killer whales. As far as the abortion threads go, usually by the time I get there all the good arguments have been made and there is really nothing left to say.

There are already 500 abortion threads.

And I hope the pro-lifers have your vote! :thumbsup:

This whale has killled three people already. For goodness sakes, it is time to put this animal down.

we as humans imprisoned this animal. he was only acting on the instincts God gave him. why should his life be taken? there is a question of these animals being contaminated with pathogens that could spread to other pods, but from what i’ve read though, release generally is successful.

for those that are interested in some records showing survival after captivity, go here

by the way, has anyone seen this documentary, called, lolita: slave to entertainment?

What does abortion have to do with releasing the whale or wanting Sea World to give up its orca shows to prevent injury to other trainers? This is a non sequitur.

I don’t see anything wrong with praying for the trainer and her family and supporting the release of the whale at the same time. Being an animal lover or wanting this whale released is not equivalent to being indifferent toward abortion. I see no moral imperative to participate in both types of threads (or any specific thread at all).

Why do you want to kill a captive animal that is only doing what God programmed into them? Why not either free them into the wild or keep them out of shows and in a tank with other whales?

Just sharing my humble opinion. Hope to see you all defending human life as well!!

God’s peace and blessings!
+JMJ+ ~Therese

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