Training for the Tridentine Mass

I know that priests will have to be and are being trained to celebrate the Tridentine Mass. What about altar servers? And would adult men be allowed to train as altar servers?

Yes, training for altar servers is intensive and thorough. And yes, adult men can certainly serve at the altar. It happens very frequently.

I’ve only seen a few different tapings of the mass, but most of the time the alter servers are 20+. It might be a good idea to place the responsibility of alter servers on post confirmation. So that those who are such a critical part of the mass truly understand what they’re doing.

I agree that it might be best if adult servers were trained so that the younger servers can have ample time to learn how to serve the Tridentine. In our parish church the young servers do quite well but I don’t feel they are up to the TM. At Mother Angelic’as Shrine in Hanceville the daily noon Mass, which is celebrated by the celebrated and wonderful Fr. Fox, has both afdult and boy servers trogether at each Mass. The boys are from some very orthodox tradional conservative Catholic families who home-school their kids. Each family has more than one child who has been called to the religious life when they are old enough. It is a blessing to see their devotion and total respect and love for the Mass.

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