Trans-gender individuals being re-baptised or blessed in the Anglican church


It’s had some structural problems, unfortunately. A huge building with that much masonry is always going to have some issues after an earthquake like we had a few years ago in this area.

I took my wife to see a performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Cathedral last year. It was incredible.


Ah, and where, oh where might your final destination be? Somewhere members of my family wound up, perhaps.


Likely Rome.


Very beautiful. Was it built in the 20th century or repaired?


I last saw it in 1988, and yes, have heard of the earthquake damage.

I image it would make a stunning venue for such performances.


It has a pre-history, back to the 1890s, but construction started in 1907. I first visited it in 1960, and once or twice in the next year or so. The aisle was only about 2/3s completed at that time.

I next saw it in about 1984, and it was almost completed. And even more so, when I took my leave of the area late in 1988.


Imagine my surprise.

I was glad when my family members made the trip. They were leaving TEC.




Good luck.


Yes. It is.


I wanted to take a few minutes out of the work week to apologize to anyone rightfully offended by my unnecessarily sharp words against “Anglicanism” earlier in the thread (the post was deleted). My strained attempt at sardonic wit was carelessly applied with far too broad of brush (i.e. implicating Anglicans in general) and I apologize for that. My words were really only against the quickly dwindling heretical/liberal portions of the Anglican Church. The vast majority of the Anglican Churches throughout the world (and I certainly count the Continuum as an often shining example in this number) are, despite inevitable issues, seeking to walk faithfully with Christ–and are frequently doing a very good job of it. Besides, the theology in the classic Anglican Prayer Books isn’t half-bad either (I would argue that it basically is–as far as fallible documents go-- spot-on)*.

*I believe the faith of Christ is innately “Evangelical” and “Catholic” and IMHO I think Christians would be hard pressed to find a better example of this than the theology laid out in the classic Anglican Prayer Books (and prayed and lived out in lives of countless Anglicans)–obviously my Roman Catholic brethren would have a different opinion. On the other hand, as to what I think of the the dwindling higher critical/liberal factions in the Anglican Church (and in the other major Christian bodies throughout the world)–well, you already know what I think :slight_smile:


p.s. For all that, I’m not a member of an Anglican Church at present…go figure…


You seem eminently qualified. You have opinions. All Anglicans I have known or heard of do.


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