Trans-rights groups up in arms at MN newspaper ad


I see nothing wrong with the ad or the ideology of the group that had it printed. Your gender is NOT in your mind and that ideology is toxic to children.


Of course they criticized it. Fighting people like trans rights activists is the whole purpose of the ad. If I ran anti - liberal ad, I would expect liberals to dislike it.


It’s just standard, everyday Cultural Marxism in America. I don’t see any “fear-mongering” in the ad either. And your right, this is toxic to children. Kids growing up today don’t even bat an eye at this, it’s just normal to them. Imagine a woman walking into her doctor’s office and saying, “I want breast enlargement or breast reduction.” The first thing the doctor would say is, “Well, you’re suffering from some sort of body dysmorphic disorder. You need to learn to accept yourself for who are.” But if some guy walked in and said, “Say doc, I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body, can you please surgically remove my genitals and make me some new ones?” The doctor wouldn’t even blink, he’d just say, “No problem. I’ll refer you to you someone.” It’s bizarre. Even the simple questioning of these people’s mental health is considered bigotry. I don’t know. Isn’t the fact that transsexuals have a statistically high rate of suicide evidence that they tend to suffer from mental illness?:shrug:


from the article:
“The fear-mongering ad, which asks, “A male wants to shower beside your 14-year-old daughter. Are YOU ok with that?” is designed to play on dangerous, discriminatory and false beliefs,” HRC said in a statement.
So what they are saying is that the ad does not recognize “the reality” of the young man’s self-assigned sex over his actual sex, and that it is *“false” *to call a young man who thinks he is a young woman a man.

“Moreover, the ad fails to recognize the fact that transgender and gender-nonconforming youth are targeted for bullying, harassment, and violence at levels that are significantly higher than their non-transgender peers.
This is completely irrelevent to the subject at hand, an appeal to pity.


So trying to understand the law, as I couldn’t gather much about it from all of the rhetoric bouncing around in the article. Let’s try an example to test my understanding:

  1. I have male genitalia.
  2. I believe I am truly a woman, not a man, regardless of my sexual organs.
  3. Without surgery or other physical alteration, I seek to live as a woman.
  4. In meeting my needs, I am able to use women’s restrooms, play on women’s sports teams, and attend women’s sex ed (are men and women still separated for it? They were in VA public schools 15 years ago).

If those 4 assumptions are correct, then I think that is a very dangerous policy. And while there are certainly people who sincerely believe they are trans-gendered (without trying to comment at all on the mental state of those people), what is to stop a 17-year old boy from claiming to be a trans-gendered person for the sake of these ‘private’ privileges or even as a prank?

Again, not saying this is even likely to be the case, but what limits are there if this law passes? Are people going to have to certify their trans-gender nature? I find that unlikely, it will simply be a box checked.

The other question is whether someone could ‘switch’ and then ‘switch back’. High school is a confusing time, people could be exploring, or again, it could go back to all just being some immature prank.


To be honest, with the technology today I would not want to shower or change with anyone, even certain “friends.” There was a story about a high school student that took pictures of some of her classmates in the girls’ locker room and then sent them out via text. I’m sure there are rules but I’m concerned with those who don’t care about rules. I’d rather shower next to a trans woman than have pictures of me nekkid out in cyberspace.


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