Transcript of the letter Cardinal Pell wrote from prison, now appearing in social media

In this letter Cardinal Pell tells how his faith is helping him in prison, a letter which has appeared in social media.

He has appealed his conviction; soon we will learn if his conviction will be overturned or not.


By publishing this alleged letter here on social media you are potentially causing injury to Cardinal Pell and his case. You are doing exactly the same as the alleged incident.

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Thanks for the update.

Wow…here Pell is in prison on horrible charges in Australia, and the biggest thing on his mind is the Synod in the Amazon?! I’m a bit confused.

He must be pretty confident that his charges will be overturned!?

He is trying to keep his spirits up and act normal. The last time I corresponded with somebody in prison he mostly wrote me about stuff on the outside he was interested in. He wasn’t going to write a letter all full of emotional despair or all the icky stuff that went on in the prison. He was also aware that his mail might be read.


Perhaps you have a point. I haven’t corresponded with many (actually any) people in prison.

Why would Cardinal Pell write a letter if he thought he would get in trouble for doing so? And it’s not as though prison authorities weren’t reading his letters before they were posted.

Pastoral care would be a fairly obvious part of the free exercise of religion to which a priest in prison would be entitled.


I suspect he wrote the letter and it was read by prison officials ahead of time. No one expected it to be posted on social media.

From what I have read, the decision on the appeal should be coming within the next week or two.

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