I’ve been watching a couple of “reality” shows for the last 4-6 weeks. one just finished its third season and is called “alone” the other is still running and is called “the wheel”. Both have to do with being out in the wilderness of South America for extended periods of time trying to outlast others and win the cash prize.
As I’ve been watching these shows it has occurred to me that many of the contestants though not all are being transformed by their circumstances in very positive if not spiritual ways. Gratitude for family and friends and compassion for others that have less than most of us are a couple of themes that come to mind. At some point some of them decide to drop out of the contest because they just don’t care about the $ anymore.
Of course hardship and starving are huge incentives to go home. Nonetheless they seem to have been genuinely transformed by the experiences they’ve had, the solitude, etc…
I guess I’m just amazed that some of these folks have found something they weren’t even searching for at least overtly. The motivation for them seemed to have been the $ and bragging rights for having lasted the longest. In the end some of them are getting so much more.

I do watch “The Wheel” on occasion. I find it interesting. I think of Jesus in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. At the same time I think it is a dangerous reality show that the producers are plying on TV watchers. Sooner or later someone is going to get seriously hurt-perhaps die or have a complete and epic mental breakdown. Starvation can do some serious damage to the body and mind. I do watch with caution, but probably shouldn’t watch it at all. Peace.

Yes I agree wholeheartedly that these shows can be dangerous physically and possibly mentally as well. I believe the contestants on “the wheel” have a camera crew very nearby but by the looks of these folks they are left to “tap out” on their own way too long and probably should be taken out of the contest much earlier than they are. Egotism reigns. That of the producers as well as the participants.
The show “alone” is different in that there is no one with the contestants filming them. The only contact they have is with periodic medical checks. Very different scenario and more dangerous.
I viewed what I saw as extreme retreats and for some of the participants quite transformative. Now as for the physical/mental issues upon returning to “the world”. I suppose time will tell.

My wife and myself really enjoyed “Alone.”

I just looked up The Wheel, and being its on Discovery, my guess is its scripted like their other shows.

We do like The Deadliest Catch on that channel, but that’s about it.

We also like Life Below Zero on NatGeo.

But “Alone,” was more real than any of the other survivor shows.

As far as having a transforming experience, this is has more to do with the reasons they went out into the wilderness to begin with.

Some realized that they missed their loved one’s more than they wanted the money, but all went out for the money and some really made bad choices in their decision.

A couple of participants left pregnant wives back home. I could never have left my wife while she was pregnant, for such a contest.

Spiritually, only a couple were Christians and from what I saw, they were spiritually on the very beginner level.

I’ll continue to watch, in fact I hope there’s a season 4 for Alone.


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