Transformers movie

is anybody else psyched? i was and still am a big autobot fan i cant wiat!

I am not excited. I am a huge G1 fan, and this movie looks more like Independence Day than The Transformers. I have very few expectations for the movie.

It might be interesting…I used to be a huge transformers geek. :smiley:

Autobots? Hah.

Decepticons rule!

I always thought Megatron was kinda cool. The Transformers Movie made in 1986 was better though. Just my opinion.

Heard it’s great. If you’ve seen it, let us know what you think.

I grew up watching the Transformers cartoons so I may be a bit biased, but I thought the movie was awesome. Lots of action scenes, great computer graphics, and funny dialog. Yeah, there were a few cheesy lines but those were expected as its based off of a cartoon. The ending action scenes were a little hard to follow but just created excitement for what would happen. It’s rated PG-13 and there are a few scenes that merit that rating. Nothing too overkill, but neither something that I’d want to explain to a 6 year-old if they picked up on it. Overall, I thought it was definitely worth the money I spent on the movie and I will be buying the DVD when it comes out.

My son will be there with bells on. He loved the show when he was a kid. I’ll probably go too. I’m a woman who loves a good action/sci-fi movie.

And I like the Three Stooges too which makes me a rare one indeed.

My youngest daughter, Sarah is dying to see this movie as is my 18 year old son.

My son is eager for my daughter’s birthday so that he can buy her transformers.

I wrote a VBS song back during the time when the Transformers were so popular. It’s called “Transformed.” Lots of fun and lots of truth.

Haven’t seen it yet, but I thought Starscream looked funny. At least Optimus looked almost like the G1 Optimus.


Okay, slow down.


Alright. Okay.

Realistically? The movie sucks as a feature film. But as a two hour long toy commercial, it’s awesome. Going in and expecting about that much, I left deeply satisfied. My only problem with it was when the robots started talking. And the kid’s family: “Were you masturbating? That’s okay, we’ll call it ‘Johnny’s Happy Time.’”


But other than that and the endless cliches no doubt written by a robot, this movie may have just set an impossible bar for brainless summer blockbuster flicks…

Except for Bad Boys II, Bay rocks!

Armageddon 9/10
The Rock 8/10
The Island 8/10
Pearl Harbor 8/10
Bad Boys 7/10

Transformers looks AWESOME!

The man knows how to make a popcorn movie!

It was the most awesome movie I’ve seen in my life. It was 50% GMC commercial, 50% Air Force recruitment video, and 100% Transformer awesomeness. I was so pumped up after I left the theater I didn’t think I was going to be able to sleep that night. It was hilariously funny, especialy in the beginning, and then later on the action scenes were just amazing. Defiantly inappropriate in a few places though.

Man, Transformers movie is awesome! It’s funny and action packed.

This was undoubtedly the most action-packed movie I have seen in a long, long time. I grew up just too late for the old cartoon, as I was more in the TMNT/Ghostbusters group. Having said that, I was still able to enjoy the movie and its story. It was jsut awesome.

I will say this, though: Be cautious about taking children, especially when it comes to the type of humor you allow your kids to witness. The scene where the parents aren’t let into Sam’s room and the mother comes out and asks if he was masterbating, I about fell out of my chair, for this reason: TRANSFORMERS IS FOR KIDS! The toys were made for kids, the cartoon was made for kids, the comic books were made for kids. Why the heck, then, must this awkward moment that is better left out of the movie included in a movie that KIDS will see, and that parents will take their KIDS to see? For a movie marketed after the whole concept of toys, I was severely dissapointed in the inclusion of that nonsense. Call me “old man”, but the stuff that passes for PG-13 is just sad… :mad:

The action was awesome, but sad to say that one line of a movie can make a difference.

But wasn’t that the premise for the original transformers, a 30 minute toy commercial… remember. The toys were out first, then the cartoon. Man how do I love that cartoon, I still remember watching it on tv. I can still remember the sound they made when they transformed. Optimus rocks!

I’m taking the boys to see it Sat. Looking forward to it. Tim

I agreed w/ that lousy line. With everyone laughing, ya think the kids wouldn’t ask what that means!

Is it PG 13?

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