Transformers movie

I saw this referred to on a movie review website ( and concluded then and there that my kids were not going to see it. It is scandalous that they had to insert that, and that this movie is marketed to kids far younger than 13.

I thought it was fine for me, but for my little brothers, no.

It’s inappropriate to talk and laugh about masturbation and I didn’t like how the girl was portrayed.

My 16 year old brother has trouble in real life guarding his eyes, why do I want to give him an IMAX view of what I’ve been telling him to guard against?

Anyway, it could have been the perfect movie. I tend to compromise a bit on movies because I’m the movie screener for my family, but there are no compromises when it comes to my little brothers.

But I was amazed how they pulled it off without it looking terribly fake and computer generated. It was stinking cool!

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