Transgender activist Martine Delaney withdraws case over Catholic Church marriage booklet


Transgender human rights activist Martine Delaney has withdrawn her case against the Catholic Church to avoid a lengthy tribunal battle.

Ms Delaney, who is a Greens candidate for the federal election, had complained to the Anti-Discrimination Commission about a church booklet entitled Don’t Mess With Marriage.

The booklet was distributed last year and claimed same-sex people could not be whole as partners in a relationship or raise healthy children.


Here is a link to the Australian pamphlet:

Skimming through it, I got the impression that it was presenting the Catholic view of marriage.


That’s what it was doing, and that’s why the person felt compelled to attack it. Evil always recoils from the Truth.


I will never understand the logic of people like this. As I understand it, the argument of anyone in favor of transgender rights, or same sex marriage, or even abortion rights is, “I can do whatever I choose that makes me feel good or is convenient for me, and if you don’t like it, too bad for you.” But these same people will take legal action against someone for printing a pamphlet. Killing an unborn child, no problem. Marrying someone of the same gender, adopting children and raising them with a twisted sense of reality, no problem. But printing a pamphlet? You’ve crossed the line, and you need to be stopped.

Do they just not realize how absurd they are? Or are they just having fun and being disingenuous?


What ever happened to freedom of speech? Seems it is only okay if it is politically correct.


They believe they are smarter than everyone else and that their beliefs are the only “orthodox” beliefs.

This is what happens when you replace God with materialism & greed.



And vice versa


Political Correctness has nothing to do with Free Speech. The two concepts are polar opposite ideals.

Free Speech NEVER restricts legal speech. Free Speech is the greatest enemy of Political Correctness. Offensive thoughts, ideas, and speech deserve the greatest protection in any Democracy. Americans have died to protect your right to say what ever stupid thought comes out of your mouth.

Political correctness is an Authoritarian/Fascist ideal. It can never be mistaken as being a Democratic ideal.

If you think otherwise, you have no idea what a Democracy truly is.


Thankfully, we have a brave Bishop who was prepared to set out Catholic teaching to the schools in his Diocese. This sad individual thought they could use the law to attack an internal teaching document to further their political campaign. When they realised that the Bishop was going to fight all the way they backed off.
The greatest tragedy was that the Tribunal took the matter past conciliation, however this is not surprising given the individual’s taking pseudo-judicial office on these legislative tribunals.
At least in this country we have a Church that is prepared to fight the good fight, and, as yet, our Courts are not clogged up by toilet issues or who can bake a cake.
We must pray for those that persecute us, but it is easier to pray for them when they lie helpless under our heel.


Here are two reactions to the decision:

[quote=Archdiocese of Hobart]This decision by the commissioner raises a number of issues which remained unanswered, in particular the ability of the church to freely express its view on marriage

[quote=Simon Breheny, director of the national Institute of Public Affairs]The laws that allowed for this complaint to be made should be repealed. Respect for religious liberty and plurality means allowing religious organisations to have the right to express themselves without fear of being dragged in front of a tribunal.

The Institute of Public Affairs does consider the decision to be a victory for free speech, however.


You said it. Whatever makes them feel good.
So when faced with truth they no longer feel good.
So the goal is to silence it whenever they can.

I imagine hell to be similar. An eternity of running from truth since it hurts but an inability to ever escape it.


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