Transgender Activists Upset Over ‘White Cis Women March’


Transgender activists are upset that the women’s march over the weekend was not inclusive to biological men who identify as women, as the protest presented an “oppressive message” that having a “vagina is essential to womanhood.”



Y’all need to chill with trying to pint groups as monoliths or discredit positive movements by laughing at them. People have spoken out against inclusiveness issues of race and sexuality at the March, but overall it was a unified front that sent a powerful message

Laugh at others instead of trying to understand them…


What was the message?


Women are equal, something our president should take to heart.


Listening to some of the featured speakers, the message I got was that leftists only care about vulgarity when Republicans do it.


Women without vaginas apparently don’t feel like they’re being treated equally to women with.:shrug:


Well they aren’t, it’s not an invalid complaint. It doesn’t detract from the March though.


And how are women unequal? Because federally-funded abortion is in danger?


It’s a good thing transwomen have men like you to mansplain to them how their feelings are valid.



Look at income inequality, our treatment of sexual assault, how common harassment is, etc etc.


Why do you immediately lash out instead of trying to understand?



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Because I find the notion that women with penises are being oppressed by the matriarchy to be too hilarious to treat seriously.


Income inequality has factors other than gender.

As for sexual assault and harassment: how does Trump’s presidency promote them?

Face it: people are angry Hillary lost and are coming up with all sorts of excuses to vent their frustration. They felt entitled to a Hillary presidency and feel robbed. There’s no real, valid argument so who cares if vulgarity is utilized? The purpose is to be loud, and for some, to be obnoxious.


Okay. Well I will try to understand. They face so many issues, they don’t need more people laughing at them. I know that there are serious issues with suicide and bullying, at the very least we owe them out love.


I think the left will consume itself. It is trying to hold on to too many contradictory ideologies. The new gender ideologies are a particular threat to their ability to cohere.


This is true. Look how long it took for gay women and women of color to be treated equally. The transgender movement is new and strange to many and it will take some time to understand and absorb it. But that time will eventually come.


It’s not very loving to go along with false perception of reality.

If someone thinks they’re a cat, is it loving to go along and give them catfood?

Sentimentalism and appearance of being nice and accepting cannot be sustained against reality.


When your enemies are eating each other, pass the salt.


Okay, well I disagree; find their bullying issues to be extremely problematic and I empathize with their suicide rates and related issues

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