Transgender boy wins first 2 matches of girls tournament


Mack Beggs won two matches at the Texas state championships Friday. But the larger conflict — over whether a 17-year-old transgender boy should be wrestling girls — remained unsettled.

Beggs’ family has said he would rather be wrestling boys. Some girls and their advocates agree, arguing that the testosterone treatments Beggs has been taking while in transition from female to male have made him too strong to wrestle fairly against women. But under the state’s governing policy for athletics, students must wrestle against the gender listed on their birth certificates.

Beggs beat Taylor Latham in the 110-pound class Friday. The score was 18-7.


Sounds like Texas should revise their policies on trans athletes.


Actually, it should be the same as any athlete taking steroids–disqualification.


Agreed! So now we have to add another term, trans athletes? This is getting confusing!!!


Now, why didn’t anyone see something like this coming? :rolleyes:


Yes, the policy should now simply exclude anyone taking steroids or, as this girl was, testosterone.

Some states have revised their policies to allow trans students to participate in the category that matches their preference rather than their sex. This is a one-way solution, however. Girls participating on boys teams don’t have a physiological advantage but boys participating on girls teams do. I don’t think any boy would purposely choose this as a way to win more but it is not fair to the girls on a girls team to have to participate against boys as well as each other.


The irony is that I think women support the whole transgender movement more than men. It will ultimately hurt them more the same as abortion, birth control, no fault divorce, and same sex ‘marriage’ has.


Agreed. This is so unfair.


No question. Radical feminism has been part or all of the spearhead in all


Why would parents allow this? Or any doctor? Or any human being?

How is it even legal to provide these drugs to a minor?

Very disordered and wrong.

I would not allow my child to compete against someone using inhancement drugs. Period.


So the real headline is actually “Girl wrestler on steroids wins first two matches against other girls.”


Yes, that’s much more accurate.


:rolleyes: ‘Later Beggs beat Mya Engert 12-4 to push his record to 54-0 and leave him two victories away from a state title.’ :rotfl:


With all due respect, you’re applying the wrong term to the group responsible here. ‘Radical feminists’ are gender critical, fight transgender ideology as regressive and harmful, and apply sex-based class analysis to their feminist theory. Radical feminists face extreme online (and real life) abuse from the pro gender crowd. They are also anti-porn and anti-prostitution.

It’s mainstream feminism - known as ‘liberal feminism’, or ‘third wave feminism’ - which champions the concept of gender over biological sex, and promotes sex-work as ‘empowering’ for women. Unsurprisingly, this is the strain of feminism that gets the most coverage via the mainstream media.



Kind of like the steroid thing, right, with the women athletes. Winning isn’t everything, guys, gals, somewhere in between-ers. Eccentricity, individualism, sickness, all different things - done for different reasons. It’s all the same now. What God thinks we are is irrelevant. Not just morally either - literally. And it is a cause for celebration. Progress.


She is not a transgender boy, she is a girl on testosterone confused about her body image and her attractions.


I totally believe you are sincere and I agree with you on all points. It is hard to understand, but both at the amateur and professional level some athletes will choose whatever it takes to win, even if that is illegal or will harm them physically and mentally. Some really good professional athletes have chosen to use steroids even though they were already stars, like Bobby Bonds and Sammy Sosa.

I am not saying that is what happened in this case, because I really don’t know anything more than the article states, but if drugs are seen as a way to a state championship or more this story will inspire others to cheat even if it is harmful to them and others.


Transgender Mack Beggs has now won the girls tournament:

According to the article there were boos as well as cheers in the audience.


You’d think a boy who pretends to be a girl would much rather prefer doing real girly things.


I’m thoroughly confused. Is a transgender boy desiring to be a boy or girl?

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